Attack on Derby Gurdwara: Attacker comes out to be a Muslim of Pakistani origin

LONDON, UK—The assailant, who attacked Gurdwara Guru Arjan Dev in Derby,  has come out to be Muslim of Pakistani origin.  The written note left by him in Gurdwara Sahib reveals his disturbed mental condition due to prevailing Indian oppression in Kashmir.

“….Try to help Kashmir people otherwise problem everyone try to understand,” he wrote on a paper besides writing his phone number.

The police cops have refused to disclose his identity, but the local Sikhs have identified him. 

Notably, this person smashed the Gurdwara property causing damage worth thousands of pounds.

Meanwhile, the Gurdwara authorities have said that the entire Muslim community can’t be maligned for a mistake committed by a single person or a group of people. The Gurdwara officials have appealed the common masses to refrain from posting anti-Muslim and communal stuff on social media.   


UK: Gurdwara Sahib attacked in Derby


  1. I am from kashmir and most importantly i am a muslim. I swear upon Allah when i heared this news an hour back i was shocked and wasnt able to do anything. Because of the fact that you people are always helpful to kashmiris and muslims during this oppression. Whatever happened shouldnt have happened. On behalf of whole muslim ummah, i apologize and am ashamed. Please forward this message to the community, please.
    I pray for your better future.

    • First stop talking about “whole Muslim ummah” and all that bull shit. Learn to be like other human beings who are loyal to the land sheltering them and providing them food and water. You are an Indian first and remain that. It is this sentiment that is at the root of such terrorist acts. You may not be committing it, but you are laying the foundation for the next one, because you are not learning from history. Kashmir is an integral part of India. It was honorably made part of India in 1947, and the 1990 disturbances changed the demographics which was not acceptable. Stop this propaganda and learn to live with dignity, otherwise these things will continue.

      • Maybe you should read up before spreading lies. When was Kashmir made part of India in 1947? I will wait for your reply.

        Secondly, Attacking a sacred and peaceful place like a Gurdwara can never be allowed or accepted. There are negative elements in each society and they need to be treated as such.


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