Muslims should know Sikhs have always stood against the oppression of Kashmiris

NEW YORK, USA—On May 25, a Muslim man of Pakistani origin attacked Gurdwara Guru Arjan Dev in Britain’s Derby. This attack occurred exactly on the day when the entire Muslim community was celebrating Eid-ul-Fitr and the worldwide Sikhs were greeting our Muslim brothers on this auspicious day.

Interestingly, this attack also occurred exactly a day before the 414th martyrdom anniversary of Sri Guru Arjan Dev Ji.

After smashing the property of Gurdwara premises worth thousands of pounds, the attacker left a handwritten note behind, in which he clearly revealed his disturbed mindset due to the ongoing oppression of Kashmiris by India.

It clearly shows that a religious place of Sikhs got attacked because the attacker mistook Sikhs as supporters of the Indian government which is continuously oppressing Kashmiris.

This attack occurred because the Sikhs lack their distinct identity as nationhood and for being a stateless community. The Sikhs got targeted for the excesses being committed by the Indian government on Kashmiris.

Initially, the Indian media didn’t pay heed towards this attack, but as soon as it came to fore that the attacker was a Muslim man of Pakistani origin, the Indian media outlets started airing this news considering it a golden opportunity to infuse hate in Sikhs against Muslims. 

Sikhs have always stood against the oppression of Kashmiris

In August last year, SGPC appointed Akal Takht Jathedar Giani Harpreet Singh had openly opposed the abrogation of Article 370 by the BJP led Indian government in Jammu & Kashmir.

Sikhs have endured grave injustices in India but a similar shouldn’t happen with Kashmiris, says Giani Harpreet Singh

In Canada, the National Democratic Party’s head Jagmeet Singh had strongly condemned the oppression of Kashmiri people by India.

Jagmeet Singh condemns oppression of Kashmiris by India; Supports right to self-determination for Sikhs and Kashmiris

Similarly, the Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) and Dal Khalsa had also condemned the abrogation of Article 370 by terming it a murder of democracy.

Modi has serenely murdered democracy by scrapping Article 370, says SAD (Amritsar) and Dal Khalsa


  1. Aap sirf ye bataao ki Guru Arjun Dev jee ko kisne shaheed Kiya !!! Shayad bhool Gaye ho !!!! Sikh Hindu se alag nahee , unki raksha ke liye banee fouz he , Jo Guru Govind Singh jee ne banayee thee !!! Aap bhool Gaye ki Guru Teghbahadur jee ko kisne Shaheed Kiya ??? Yaad rakho !!!!

    • LOL. You bring up 1600s when in this day and age, Sikhs are being killed in India along with all other minorities? When did Hindus accept the sikhs, the muslims or the christians for that reason?

      You are saying that Muslims are the ones massacring sikhs? Read the above article.

      Sikhs have been oppressed throughout the history and it is shameful that is even happening now as we speak and in their own homes (India)

      Let me ask you, who killed Gandhi? You are so against muslims and other minorities that you killed your own bapu. Shameful.

  2. Is that why Sikhs conquered Kashmir in the first place? India claims Kashmir because it was part of Ranjit Singh’s kingdom , and he had wrested it from the Afghans and the Dogras of Jammu had purchased it from the British as agreed between them if the Dogras would betray the Lahore kingdom. Don’t blindly , for your narrow interests claim that the Sikhs were best friends with Muslims. Where was that friendship when they started attacking Sikhs in Pakistan when it was formed in 1947? You remember how Sikhs were killed by the Muslims in Kashmir?

    • I support your views. Supporting any human irrespective of his/her religious belief is one thing and supporting on political basis is another. Few of our leaders are more close to boot licking than simply providing a helping hand. Instead of being equidistant from every community, with giving them their due respect, leaders are unnecessary showing support to muslims on minority basis. Never thinking where was this minority support in 1984 when even muslims too participated in Sikh genocide. There are scores of other incidents including partition, attack on Sikh followers during 1971 war, Saharanpur riot of 2014 where muslims have simply followed the principle of muslim first. For them, its Islam always on highest priority. Our leaders must understand this at the earliest.

      • ‘attack on Sikh followers during 1971 war’ means attack done on Sikh residents of Pakistan during war time. Incident was of Pashtun soldiers that were beaten badly on battle ground by Sikh soldiers in 71 war. On their return to native, they narrated the story to the locals which expressed their anger against local Sikhs, which by the way, had no involvement in war. Still they were harassed and had to later shift to Shri Nankana Sahib for their safety.

  3. 1. Did you ever opposed or raised issue of what muslims have done with Non Muslims in Kashmir? Where not Sikhs residing in Mirpur and other PoK cities ? What happened to them ? No voice over it.
    2. Instead of aligning with Muslims over ever issue, try looking into what is correct and what is wrong and then take sides. Instead of being blind followers, first take analyze what is exact situation. Aligning of muslims doesn’t means that you start supporting them on every issue even if they stand incorrect.
    3. Could the persons mentioned above ask Pakistan that did any opinion was taken from non Muslims when partition was done? Didn’t they had rights over the land that they wanted to be only for muslims? Didn’t those of us that came from Pakistan had any human rights?

    Stop this behavior of yours where you lament your personal opinion over every member of community. You don’t have courage enough to speak courageously and clearly. You can’t be representative of every person of our community. In J&K their are rights for other people also apart from Muslims. Start noticing them also.


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