UK: Gurdwara Sahib attacked in Derby

LONDON, UK—An unidentified person today attacked the Gurdwara Guru Arjan Dev in Derby during morning hours. He smashed the Gurdwara property causing damage worth thousands of pounds.

All his activities got recorded in the CCTV cameras installed inside Gurdwara premises due to which the Police succeeded in nabbing him.  

“This morning at 6 am, an individual entered the Gurdwara premises causing thousands of pounds of damage. We can confirm that no individuals were injured and that the clean-up process has begun,” said the Gurdwara authorities in a statement.

“This hate crime or any sort of crime against a Sikh will never deter us in our practice of seva (service) and simran (prayer). We will continue the service for the community with langar and continue to stream live nitnem (daily prayers). We will ensure the safety of all our sevadars (volunteers) and employees,” it added.

Gurdwaras across the UK have been recipients of funding as part of a government scheme to install security equipment to prevent hate crime in places of worship, but such incidents have continued.

It is pertinent to note here that this Gurdwara is feeding 500 people every day during this ongoing coronavirus pandemic.


Attack on Derby Gurdwara: Attacker comes out to be a Muslim of Pakistani origin



  1. Muslims often say that when a Muslim carries out a terrorist attack that the individual has mental health problems. Why do so many Muslims have mental health issues that results in them attacking people of other religions?

  2. how do we share this on our SM pages to spread info & awareness, could you put up buttons for all SM like FB, Twitter, Whatsapp, Reddit, email etc.

  3. Hello,
    Hope you all are well and staying safe. Firstly, I would like to apologise to my Sikh brothers and sisters for what has occurred but I would like to clarify that this was not a hate crime. I know this individual and he has been going through a mental health crisis with his mental deterioration over the last few months. This has coincided with lockdown and his family members have tried multiple times to get him help through his GP. He clearly reached crisis point which culminated in this. This man needs a mental health assessment and needs help. I would like to use this opportunity to urge all Sikh groups and outlets to let the dust settle and the facts to emerge before speculating further. We respect the Sikh community and their beliefs and will always aim to safeguard them. Again, I am truly sorry of what has happened. I reiterate that this man has had a mental health crisis and this is not a hate crime.

  4. I am from kashmir and most importantly i am a muslim. I swear upon Allah when i heared this news an hour back i was shocked and wasnt able to do anything. Because of the fact that you people are always helpful to kashmiris and muslims during this oppression. Whatever happened shouldnt have happened. On behalf of whole muslim ummah, i apologize and am ashamed. Please forward this message to the community, please.
    I pray for your better future.


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