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Video: Police Firing and Crackdown in Gurdaspur

:dateline:Gurdaspur saw a strict curfew after Sikh organizations held protests to seek the release of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.  Due to the interference of Shiv Sena terrorists, the peaceful protests turned violent...

Video: Free Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana – We Pledge Orange A video made by Sikh youth in California.

Pictorial: Rallies and Protests Held Worldwide against State Atrocities

New York, US -- Large Scale rally was organized in New York City outside the UNITED NATIONS headquarters where sangat came from major East Coast towns: NY, NJ, CT, Boston, Philadelphia, Indiana,...

Pictorial: Large Scale Gatka Competition Held in So. Cal.

:dateline:Sikhs from all over California gathered in Riverside, Southern California to partake in the annual riverside Gatka competition. The yearly held competition was attended by hundreds of gatka players from various California...

EU Sikh Summit Speech Goes Viral

Paris hosted the European Sikh Summit in November 2011 - the Summit was the first of its kind and was attended by guests from all over the globe. A powerful speech was...

Video: Mortar Shell Kills Two Sikhs in Pakistan An appeal to help these families in Pakistan: Satnam Singh & Sardar Singh were killed, and four school children were injured when a mortar shell struck them in Shalobar, Bara on October...

Video: Casteist Practice Puts India to Shame

:dateline:A video being circulated on Yahoo! India News has shamed the entire country. The video displays scenes from a ritual performed at a mandir in Karnataka where people of a low caste...

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