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Cartoon: Five K’s of Today

A cartoon depicting the state of today’s “Sikhs”, the ones who have forgotten the teachings of the Gurus.

Statement from MPP Jagmeet Singh Regarding 1984 Sikh Genocide

Trailer: World War I Canadian Sikh Soldiers "Canadian Soldiers Sikhs" will bring to life the fascinating and unknown story of a handful of Sikh men who enlisted in the Canadian Army in World War I, all volunteers who fought...

Where are our dead? Gurcharan Singh Babbar asks the question from 1984: Where are our dead? Gurcharan Singh says 10,000 murderers of Sikhs are roaming the streets of Delhi and asks why have they not been...

Interview With Bhai Resham Singh Babbar Sangat TV interviews Resham Singh Babbar on his views on a range of subjects that the Sikh community faces today.

Interview with Holocaust Survivor Bibi Jagdish Kaur An interview with 1984 Delhi holocaust survivor Bibi Jagdish Kaur.  At 51 minutes in this interview Jagdish Kaur recalls exact words spoken by ministers of Indian Government inciting mobs to carry our...

Pyare Jio Translation – Part 1 – Introduction

Introduction Respected Sadh Sangat Ji, The human being manifested by Gurbani has been given different names--Gurmukh, Gursikh, Brahmgiani, Sant, and Sadhu.  These human beings while uplifting themselves also become an inspiration for others.  The...

Video: Police Firing and Crackdown in Gurdaspur

:dateline:Gurdaspur saw a strict curfew after Sikh organizations held protests to seek the release of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.  Due to the interference of Shiv Sena terrorists, the peaceful protests turned violent...

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