Video: Police Firing and Crackdown in Gurdaspur

GURDASPUR, Punjab—Gurdaspur saw a strict curfew after Sikh organizations held protests to seek the release of Bhai Balwant Singh Rajoana.  Due to the interference of Shiv Sena terrorists, the peaceful protests turned violent and police intervened in its own way—by using lethal force to crack down on innocent protestors.  Jaspal Singh, 18, from Gurdaspur, was shot by Police and he passed away on the spot.  Jaspal Singh, a student, was protesting peacefully along with other students.

Firing in Gurdaspur by Police Police
Watch this video on YouTube.


    • police di galti kad rhe o maharaj?? fukreea loka di koi galti ni???
      jisne jo kita usnu usda fal milya!!u says “well known punjab butchers” would u say this,if one of ur family memebr would be in police?? never…!!! so think before u speak until u dnt knw the reality!!!


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