Pyare Jio Translation – Part 1 – Introduction


Respected Sadh Sangat Ji,

The human being manifested by Gurbani has been given different names—Gurmukh, Gursikh, Brahmgiani, Sant, and Sadhu.  These human beings while uplifting themselves also become an inspiration for others.  The entire Sikh nation is acquainted by the name of one such individual who wrote poetic works, news articles, commentary on Gurbani, plays, novels and fictional stories, Bhai Veer Singh.

Bhai Veer Singh loved literature and people equally.  He uplifted worldly people to put them on the path of Spirituality, to connect them with God.  From many of his books, Pyare Jio (collection of letters) covers different topics such as: belief in One Being, motivation of Naam, abiding by ‘His’ hukam, and connection with Vaheguru.  These letters can be divided in three different parts: Realization of Vaheguru, Death, and miscellaneous.

Sadh Sangat Jio, in today’s busy and fast moving life, how can we read the writings of the Gursikhs?  In order to read their writings, we must be able to spend the time.  Life moves very fast, that’s why there are technological resources that accompany it.  In America, Canada, England, and other modern countries, human beings desire to fulfill goals of their lives even during commute.

That’s why, with the blessings of Vaheguru, Bhai Guldeep Singh has gone through the effort of converting the book of Bhai Veer Singh, Pyare Jio, into an audio book.  Bhai Guldeep Singh is utterly thankful to Vaheguru for being able to make this audio book of Bhai Veer Singh available on the internet.

Poem by Bhai Veer Singh Ji OMITTED from Translation

The sequence of the book by this ‘Saintly Poet’, which has been given the form of an audio book, is in this order:

There are approximately 84 letters in this book, out of which there are about 38 which deal with the realization of Vaheguru.  Twenty letters deal with another big topic on the subject of death, and finally the third section has been given the name of “Miscellaneous” letters, has 24 letters.  These 84 letters are accompanied by another letter, “Patit Ubhar” [Elevate the Apostate].  This letter is also included in the audio book.  This letter gives information on an incident about the life of a Sikh from the West who shunned his hair to become an apostate.  This “Patit Ubhar” letter by Bhai Veer Singh Ji provides motivation to those Sikhs living in Western countries who have shunned their identity.

In these letters, Bhai Veer Singh Ji has explained how one can elevate his or her spiritual self.  Before we begin, let’s pray in the feet of Satguru, so that this audio book can work to provide the motivation of striving to abide by the path prescribed by the Guru to the Sadh Sangat.  Through the letters of this book, may tranquillity, purity, compassion, patience, and religion enter our lives.

Read by: Surjeet Singh, Khalsa School, Glenrock, NJ
Translated by Guest Contributor

Original Audio:


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