Trailer: World War I Canadian Sikh Soldiers

Canadian Soldier Sikhs Trailer
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“Canadian Soldiers Sikhs” will bring to life the fascinating and unknown story of a handful of Sikh men who enlisted in the Canadian Army in World War I, all volunteers who fought for a country which denied them even the basic rights of citizenship.

This film follows what the ten Sikh men would have experienced, through enlistment, training, and transport to France by troopship. It features the struggles these Sikh soldiers faced and the battles they fought, including the battles in which two of the men were killed. The film follows one injured soldier back to Canada on a hospital ship and to Kitchener’s TB hospital. Images of his war grave and the story of how his war medal has survived bring a personal touch to the film. It ends with the stories of the soldiers’ return to civilian life, the tracing of their descendants, and a visit to the two European graves of the Canadian Sikh soldiers.


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