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WAKE UP: “Punjab’s Leaders Are Fake Sikhs Wearing ‘Pags’ And Beards”

GIANI AMRIK SINGH CHANDIGARH VIDEO BELOW The state of India has fine-tuned Sikh infiltration to an art. It's so easy. Grow a beard, wear a turban, learn the lingo. Get paid gigantual figures...

Jathedar Baljit Singh Daduwal: Save Yourselves From Badal

A broadcast from Jathedar Baljit Singh (Daduwal) on Facebook yesterday, appealing to Sikhs of Punjab to recognize the damage caused by Badal's party over the years, and vote for change.  

WATCH – Pin Art Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji Beautiful pin art created of an artist's impression of Guru Gobind Singh  

Dhandriawale VIDEO: What’s The Logic In Burning Food At Lohri

WHAT’S THE LOGIC IN BURNING FOOD AT LOHRI? …all Sikh parents MUST understand their children belong to God, parents have simply been given the duty to raise them – thank Waheguru by deciding...

Dassam Granth Debate Video – “Keep The Brotherhood Strong” A brotherly debate discussing the for and against for the parkash of Dassam Granth parallel to Guru Granth Sahib Ji. Elders request youth to discuss and engage with love and level...

BBC VIDEO: KPS Gill – Molestor And Murderer

In 1988 Rupan Deol Bajaj was the fifth-highest ranking female civil servant in the state of Punjab, but none of that mattered when she was groped at an official party by the...

VIDEO: Why Aren’t There More Sikhs In The U.S. Military? Becket Law and The Sikh Coalition fought the US Army to have an outdated rule overturned.  


May Guroo Sahib Bless All Readers With Strength, Conviction, Truth, Righteousness & Most of All - LOVE WAAHEGUROO JEE KAA KHAALSAA WAAHEGUROO JEE KEE FATEH      

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World Sikh Organization Presents Fireside Chat With Rana Ayyub: Criminalizing Dissent in India

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SALDEF To Hold Webinar Series on Social Justice in America

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