Top 10 Reasons to Visit Sri Darbar Sahib

1) Amritvela

The Amritvela at Darbar Sahib is beyond words. The Simran, Nitnem and Asa Dee Vaar Keertan done at Amritvela are majestic.


 photo by jasleen kaur


2) It really is Heaven on Earth.

It is probably one of the most peaceful places on the planet. One feels calm and relaxed while in the vicinity of Darbar Sahib.

6780888335_888bb878dd_b photo by jasleen kaur


3) The Procession of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Jee from Sri Akal Takht to Darbar Sahib at Amritvela is something everyone needs to witness.

Thousands of Sikhs gather as Guru Sahib is brought from Sukh Asan Asthaan in Sri Akaal Takht to Darbar Sahib. There is a Narsingh being blown and a Nagara being beaten—definitely a must see.

sggsakaltahatodarbarsahib photo by jasleen kaur



4) So much History. Darbar Sahib is one of the most historical Gurdwaras in the Panth.

Its not called “the holiest shrine of the Sikhs” for no reason. From the modern history of the 1984 attack to the times of the Gurus, Darbar Sahib has a long history in the Panth.

Darbar Sahib 1984


5) Shastar Darshan at Akaal Takht Sahib.

shastar darshan (2)

shastar darshan

Shastar (Weapons) of Sikh Gurus at Akaal Takhat (PART 1)
Watch this video on YouTube.

6) Visiting the spot where Baba Deep Singh placed his Sees and gave Shaheedi.


Shaheed Baba Deep Singh jee laying rest at Harimandir Sahib


7) The fact that so many Sikhs from the past three centuries have walked on this very land.




8) How much Seva is done at Darbar Sahib.

It’s amazing how much Seva is done at Darbar Sahib. When you get your shoes back after leaving Darbar Sahib, they’ve been cleaned. The number of Sevedaars in the Langar Halls making food and cleaning dishes. The number of Sevadaars keeping the Parkarma clean. It’s all amazing.

darbarsahibsevaphoto by jasleen kaur


9) Doing Ishnaan.

Fulfilling our daily Ardaas of  “Sri Amritsar Sahib Jee dai Darshan Ishnaan”



10) Walking the Parkarma and taking in everything.

From the Keertan, to Baba Budha Jee’s Asthaan, to the cold water given out on hot days in memory of Baba Deep Singh, to seeing hundreds and thousands of other Sikhs and Non-Sikhs doing the same.




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