Young Sikh Smashes Alternative Facts On Sikhs – JJ Kapoor From USA

JJ Kapur - NSDA 2017 Original Oratory National Champion
Watch this video on YouTube.

Title: Let’s Dance.

1st Place at the National Speech and Debate Tournament in the category of Original Oratory.

West Des Moines Valley High School, Iowa. Coached by David McGinnis.



  1. Harish, have some shame! Instead of appreciating talent, you have so much hatred in you! Is this what you innumerable gods and goddesses teach you? You are pseudo secularist, biased and coward. You can’t accept truth! Kudos to JJ Kapur, I have seen this young lad in Des Moines Iowa, such confidence…. too good! This is what we need in every kid of ours!!! Wahe guru ki ka khalsa, wahe guru ji ki Fateh

    • Harish, your existence as a Hindu is because of Sikhs otherwise you would have been doing Allah Allah! Have some respect for this young lad, he exudes confidence! Stop being biased, pseudo secular you Modi Bhagat!

  2. Your post proves how big a donkey you are Mr Harish Sharma. Well sorry to say you guys are the most pathetic and disrespectful of others.

  3. Congratulations to the young boy and wish him success. This is what we need in this world. Congratulations again.

  4. You would know all about monkies as you worship them and you see good humans as one as well!
    Waheguru bless all the young talents regardless of religions cast or colour!!


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