VIDEO: Harjit Singh Sajjan’s Message on Canada Day 150

Harjit Singh Sajjan's Message on Canada Day 150
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Canadian Minister of Defense Harjit Singh Sajjan, releases a video on Canada’s 150th Anniversary. Sending a message to all Canadians, the armed forces, and their families.


  1. Well done Sajjan Harjit Singh – Canadian Minister of Defense , We need more Sikhs like you. The world will be a better place.

    • East or West
      Sikhs are the BEST
      We are the

      1) CHOSEN people
      2) EXCEPTIONAL people
      3) People with MANIFEST DESTINY’S.

  2. RSS, BJP don’t want to see the Sikhs, Muslims & dalits progressing or living peacefully. They are afraid of Muslims because this is second largest religion in India & they don’t want see the dalits getting higher education due their pressure & torture dalit PhD students committed suicide. I don’t know when these people will learn humanity & will feel happy when other people progressing.

    • exactly….because there wasn’t one!! Finally, you are realising the greatness of Sikhi.

      Don’t feel left out, maybe there’s some random dog show they could get one of your Right-Wing Hindu colleagues to officiate at?


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