Delhi High Court issues notices to Aaj Tak Channel, Indian govt over fake news vilifying Sikhs

Addressing the petition filed by the Member of Parliament Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and former Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Manjit Singh GK, Delhi High Court today issued notice Indian mainstream news Channel Aaj Tak, the Press Council of India, and the union government of India over the fake news telecast by the controversial channel, that spread hate against the Sikhs and vilifying them.

Divulging the information, GK said Chief Justice of the High Court DN Patel issuing notices had ordered a hearing on the petition. He said their legal counsel Naginder Benipal had sought quick hearing citing seriousness of the matter and threat of the riots in Delhi.

The petition alleged that video reports by the channel on the protests by farmers on January 26 are in fact a “concoction of phantom imagination” bearing no nexus to the facts of the protests.

This petition sought Delhi High Court’s attention towards the malicious agenda of Aaj Tak aimed at vilifying Sikhs and inciting communal disharmony (purportedly to help the ruling Indian government in crushing farmers’ agitation).

Aaj Tak channel aired a video about the broken dome of the upcoming Ram Mandir’s model during the Republic Day parade. “The Aaj Tak channel presented this video in such a manner as a Sikh broke it,” he added.

“We, the Sikhs, respect every religion and we were the ones who made immense sacrifices to get this country liberated from British colonialism,” the petitioners stated while adding that a channel having a countrywide base ought to refrain from airing such content aimed at inciting communal disharmony.



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