February 1: Police Install Metal Spikes At Singhu To Stop Traffic, Limit Access to Medical Supplies and Daily Essentials

1. The trenches they dug yesterday was to put spikes in the ground so it would puncture the tyres of any vehicles that come to the morcha site. This reduces langar, medication and vital supplies getting in. (See pics below)
2. Water supply to farmers have been stopped. Earlier DJB tankers used bring water to farmers.
3. Toilets are on the other side of barricades. Now Farmers are not being allowed to access those toilets. Farmers don’t have any option except to go in open or to wait in long queues outside petrol pump.
4. Farmers used to take bath on roof of a petrol pump’s building. Now farmers are not allowed to go to petrol pump and take bath there.
5. Ghazipur Border turns into police fortress. Area covered with a total of 21 layers including concrete, barricades, razor wire and fencing similar to what happened at Singhu and Tikri.
6. @TwitterIndia has withheld various Twitter accounts in India associated with the #FarmersProtest, including @Kisanektamorcha and @Tractor2twitr.
7. Govt of India is suspending and withholding accounts of journalists and activists. National Forensics team has submitted list of accounts to Delhi police. Among withheld as of now are @Kisanektamorcha and @thecaravanindia
8. Internet suspension to continue in Kaithal, Panipat, Jind, Rohtak, Charkhi Dadri, Sonipat & Jhajjar districts till 5 pm tomorrow.
9. Internet suspension to continue till 2nd Feb, 2021 on the borders of Delhi ie Singhu, Tikri and Ghazipur. While we are outraged about internet blockade on borders of Delhi, please note that Jammu-Kashmir has been without high speed internet since August 2019.
10. Farmers leaders announce Chakka Jam for 3 hours on 6th Feb.
11. Update on Nodeep Kaur- Her sister says that the family was not aware about Nodeep’s detention for one day. She maintains that there are wounds on Nodeep’s body and that she has been physically & sexually assaulted in custody. Her court date is tomorrow.
12. A journalist from Times of India, alleged that since he published a story about the allegations, he had been threatened through social media, calls and texts and that his phone had been put under surveillance.
13. The World Sikh Organization of Canada has written to Foreign Affairs Minister MarcGarneau, calling on Canada to condemn the violent attacks on farmer protestors in India. 
14. With Internet curbed Centre govt is pressing hard on protestors & leaders. 15 more look out notices have been sent by Delhi police against Farmer leaders. This takes the total look out notices to 59. Airports and seaports alerted with the list of these farmer leaders as well.
15. Locals confirm BJP goons were from out of town who attacked farmers. They said out water in our village has been cut off so we do not give water to farmers.
16. Saving Punjab tweeted “Earlier today Delhi police started playing patriotic songs on a DJ at #SinghuBorder Songs from Border movie were played out aloud. Police is playing dirty tactics. The purpose is to incite locals by projecting farmers as anti soldiers or anti police.”
17. Elder Sikh farmer who wrist was broken by BJP goons and police returns to morcha with his injuries.
18. Farmers at Singhu and Tikri have created security room with around 200 youth who have created circles to guard the protest sites against miscreants. The team is prepared to handle everything from stone pelting to petrol bombs. The youth work on duties at night and day.
19. 3 Trains to Delhi which carried more Farmer protestors have been re-routed to Mumbai causing significant issues for the poor farmers. They are harrassed by BJP supporters on these routes.
20. The Navreet Singh death case, -“Dr Basil Purdue, a pathologist registered with the UK Home Office who examined the video footage and postmortem, said: “To me this is one gunshot wound, possibly two, unless proved otherwise.””
21. Indian budget – Last year govt had announced to spend 5.1 percent of budget on agriculture. This year govt will spend only 4.3 percent of budget on agriculture.
22. BJP supporters and Hindu lobby in UK are doing Mail shots to target sikh MPs who have spoken out for farmers in India. The Global Hindu Federation is targeting British Labour Parliamentarians such as Liam Byrne, Tan Dhesi, Preet Gill. They are complaining how these MPs have time to comment on Farmers in India when their constituencies have high levels of Covid. It’s ironic, but they told Canadians not to interfere in Indian politics, but they are interfering in UK Labour Party. Even worse has been the fake case against UK citizen Jaggi Johal, now targeting 3 other UK born sikhs for extradition. One day, they will realize in a democracy a citizen can speak out against human rights abuses, document genocide, and MPs can have opinions.
23. One Singh goes to the house of Dharmender and Sunny Deol to complain about them not speaking for Punjab. Sunny Deol is the MP in Punjab but has done nothing for his constituency.
24. Farmers asking villages in Punjab to come against any police raiding these villages looking for sikh youth from Punjab.
25. Pictures of Jagsir Singh Jaggi with smile on his face despite head injury had gone viral. He received grand welcome as he returned back to his village Pandher in district Barnala of Punjab.
26. Fresh arrest of Akash Preet Singh (25) has come to notice. He has been arrested by Delhi police. He is accused of attacking CISF personnel with sword on 26th.
27. Delhi Police has released a list of 120 people arrested from various locations based on analysis of videos and ‘evidence’.
28. Addressing the petition filed by the Member of Parliament Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa and former Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) Manjit Singh GK, Delhi High Court today issued notice Indian mainstream news Channel Aaj Tak, the Press Council of India, and the union government of India over the fake news telecast by the controversial channel, that spread hate against the Sikhs and vilifying them.
29. The Guardian – At least nine senior Indian journalists are facing criminal charges for reporting allegations that Delhi police fatally shot a farmer in the head during protests last week, despite the authorities claiming no shots were fired.
30. Baaz Opinion | The BJP Are Experts In Political Gaslighting, from @iJasOberoi “Prime Minister Modi continues to use gaslighting to make Indian voters doubt their memory of his past actions, refute known facts and discard historical events.”
31. To demonstrate the nationalism some farmers carried a 500 m long India flag today. Ghodi media will never cover that.
32. Old picture below is RSS hoisting their flag at Red Fort. So is this not going to cause a national crisis for Godhi media?
33. Lastly still too much allegations and counter allegations in Punjabi community. Focus your energy on the issues of police brutality, police assault on Nodeep Kaur, 200 youth in prisons, hundreds of farmers injured, human right violations, ghodi media lies and so much…. please do argue about which is your preferred farmer leader. Modi policy is to divide you and some behaviour in Punjabi community are showing he has achieved that. Have Vaheguru on your lips , not ninda. Have faith in your hearts, not hatred. Have hope in your minds, not anger. This morcha has many turns to come and focus on the end goal.


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