SAD (Democratic) moves petition against Aaj Tak channel for promoting content aimed at vilifying Sikhs

NEW DELHI, India—The Shiromani Akali Dal (Democratic) president and parliamentarian Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa has moved public interest litigation against the mainstream media channel Aaj Tak in the Delhi High Court. Notably, Aaj Tak is a leading channel among the list of Indian media houses that are infamous for state-embedded journalism and are collectively called “Godi Media” these days.

This petition seeks to draw Delhi High Court’s attention towards the malicious agenda of Aaj Tak aimed at vilifying Sikhs and inciting communal disharmony (purportedly to help the ruling Indian government in crushing farmers’ agitation).

Sharing the development with media, SAD (Democratic) president Sukhdev Singh Dhindsa said that the Aaj Tak channel aired a video about the broken dome of the upcoming Ram Mandir’s model during the Republic Day parade. “The Aaj Tak channel presented this video in such a manner as a Sikh broke it,” he added.

“We, the Sikhs, respect every religion and we were the one who made immense sacrifices to get this country liberated from the British colonialism,” he said while adding that a channel having a countrywide base ought to refrain from airing such content aimed at inciting communal disharmony.


  1. Stop spreading rumors and beign a bjp goons. Atleast now stand with truth and spread truth and try to make peace in a country. Only money and business is not everything humanity is a also a part. There 90% people from india supporting farmers they all going to bycot you even in whole world people going to bycot you. Now you can earn money by spreading rumor but what will happen after this protest. Tumhari ye jhuth ki dukan band ho jayegi


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