Dasvandh Network and Khalsa Aid Partner To Provide COVID-19 Relief in India

Dasvandh Network and Khalsa Aid have partnered to track down much needed medical equipment – particularly oxygenators that help patients breathe. So far, 600 devices have been located to provide much-needed assistance in India.

So far, $220,000 have been raised through the Dasvandh Network crowdfunding network. All donations are tax-exempt in the United States. Donors who donate with the code “AID” will be able to get their donation matched automatically.

In a press statement, Mandeep Singh of Dasvandh Network said, “the news coming out from India related to COVID-19 is devastating. The infrastructure and resources are simply not in place to handle the sheer number of cases that arise. We’re hearing from those on the ground that the situation is only getting worse. The Khalsa Aid India team is working hard to help however they can to meet the new needs on the ground.”

He added, “We are working with Khalsa Aid to get them shipped to India immediately by air. The Khalsa Aid team will then make sure to distribute this equipment to people who need it the most. These devices will hopefully go on to save hundreds, if not thousands of lives, as the situation darkens.”

Dasvandh Network appealed to the masses to assist with the relief work. The organization has teamed with several philanthropists who are matching any donations made to the Khalsa Aid until matching funds are exhausted.
For more details or to make a financial contribution, please visit the Dasvandh Network platform.
Dasvandh Network is a not-for-profit, grassroots, crowd-funded platform that allows donors and causes to actively participate in the spirit of Dasvandh—the Sikh practice of contributing one-tenth of a person’s earnings to the common good of the community. Every year in November, DVN holds an annual fundraising week where it encourages donations to different charities.  Donations are doubled during the week.


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