Words of Appreciation by an Afghani Muslim Student: “Sikhs Stand For Humanity, Without Seeing Religion or Colour When Serving Others”

Muzhgan, an Afghani Muslim student, is currently living in India to earn her master’s degree in computer applications. She arrived in India after living in countries like Germany and Turkey.

In this interview with Sikh24, Muzhgan sheds light on the problems faced by women living in Afghanistan. Muslim women living in the areas ruled by the Taliban and other extremist Islamic organisation have limited access to education. And even today, they have to abide by strict laws which control their movement outside of their homes.

In this interview, Muzhgan expresses how she is impressed by the humanitarian approach of the Sikh religion. She hails Sikhs for their humanitarian and social work and unbiased approach to serving humans of different creeds and colours.

She says that the Sikhs don’t see religion or colour while extending a helping hand for the needy people. In this interview, she highlights the role of the US-based organisation UNITED SIKHS in carrying out relief initiatives.

Watch the full interview:

"Sikhs stand for humanity. They don't see religion or color," says an Afghan Muslim student
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