December 22: Latest Updates from the Farmers Protest

1. Bhai Harminder Singhs passes away in the Morcha.
2. Ardas is done at Sri Darbar Sahib Amritsar for the farmers’ morcha success.
3. Sikh Kirtani and preachers will hold events at Singhu and Tikri Border in memory of Guru Gobind Singh’s sahibzadas on 23 and 26-27 December.
4. Farmers remember the supreme sacrifice of Chotte Sahibzadas and other Singhs.
5. Uttar Pradesh police have stopped 600 trolleys with UP farmers from getting to Delhi. They are stuck in Muradabad, UP. Farmers have been attacked by police. DSGPC said the police broke the arm of one of their sikh sevadaar.
6. Punjab BJP uses a poster of actor, director, producer, photographer Harp Farmer (Harpreet Singh) in a pro-Farm-Bills poster. He is sitting at the Singhu border and has been posting content supporting and praising Farmers Protest. He calls BJP besharam. NDTV covers the story.
7. Agriculture minister Tomar embarrassed in Rajya Sabha when an opposition MP argues against the 3 laws then says to Tomar that you are a son of a farmer. I do not think you wrote these 3 laws, it’s as if they were written and handed to you to pass.
8. Deep Sidhu on video saying the govt has selected the most expensive lawyer in India to argue on its behalf in Supreme Court. Why would the govt do that unless that lawyer is getting paid by someone else?
9. Haryana Chief Minister Kattar is getting heckled by the public at all events he is doing. Hundreds circle his car and shake it. Police just save him. He quickly speeds off.
10. More roads to Delhi blocked today. The borders leading to Delhi from Tikri, Singhu, Pyau Manini, Chilla, Ghazipur, Palwal, Shahjahanpur (partial) are closed. However, protestors allow ambulances and the poor to get through as they are compassionate.
11. Delhi Police Commissioner said they are prepared if they need to clear the farmers.
12. Bhai Harpal Singh opposed Indian Ambassador Nina Malhotra at Italy’s Gurdwara Sahib. She did not speak on stage and Nina Malhotra did not even cover her head in front of Sri Guru Granth Sahib Ji. According to sources, Ms. Malhotra came to speak against farmers protest.
13. BJP govt starts tax investigations on those supporting farmers, such as arthiyas, Punjabi singers and farmer union leaders. Aim is to harass them to give up on the morcha.
14. Chhattisgarh, Rajasthan and Punjab have passed laws to nullify Modi govt’s new acts.
15. United Sikhs pledge 1 crore to the families of those who passed away in the morcha.
16. Punjabis living abroad have started Delhi Challo. Many have booked tickets are started flying to Delhi to be at the morcha.
17. Jazzy Bains addresses farmers at Singhu border after flying in from Vancouver.
18. BKU Ugrahan And Kisan Mazdoor Sangharsh committee addressed Media. In a reply to a question, They said,”We want someone who has power like PM to hold the meeting. Sometimes the Agriculture Minister doesn’t answer our questions in the meeting.”
19. 10,000 farmers are being arranged to march to Ambani complex in Mumbai.
20. A Tamil farmer leader said that 100 tractors from Tamil Nadu will march to Delhi to participate in protests against new farm laws.
21. 62-year-old Manjeet Kaur drives to morcha with other Bibian from Patiala.
22. Connecticut Sikhs braved the snow and still held their protest.
23. Guru Nanak Dev Engineering College Staff brought a coach of protestors to the Farmer’s movement for Kundli Border, Tikri Border.
24. Youngsters in Punjab cut off connections to more Jio mobile network towers.
25. Protests in Amritsar by Akal Youth against BJP Punjab Speaker Iqbal Lalpura.
26. Dr Sukhpreet Singh Udoke – A newspaper named Jung Hind Punjab is now published daily and today it was divided into thousands and was the center of attraction and love for the farmers involved in the front. It can also be read on and all articles will be published on in the evening.
27. Farm unions will distribute 25 Lakh pamphlets to make people aware of the disadvantages of new farm laws.
28. Tent city in Singhu border by Sikh Relief and Sikh Assembly in a side building is working to protect elders from icy cold winter winds.
29. Arnab Goswami and Republic TV continue their embarrassingly bad journalism as they demonize the farmers.
30. Leader of Ravidas Dharam Samaj addressed farmers. He said Dalit community stands with farmers in their fight against the govt’s new farm laws.
31. Billboards with No Farmers No Food message appears in UK.
32. Former UK MP George Galloway releases a video discussing the Farmer protests.
33. Yorkshire Sikhs hold a protest outside BBC offices. Kulwinder Singh Bhullar makes a statement to them & MPs.
34. We finish today with this video from science teachers explaining to children what they can learn from the protesting farmers.

Watch this video on YouTube.



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