VaheGuru Ji Ka Khalsa, VaheGuru Ji Ki Fateh

Tomorrow (July 24th) the brother of Jaggi (Jagtar Singh Johal #FreeJaggiNow) will be appearing on Good Morning Britain, one of the biggest TV shows in the UK. Gurpreet Singh will be discussing his brother’s situation as he reaches 1000 days incarcerated without due process in India, and having suffered torture.

This will be on at approximately 7.10am but will could be on any time from 7am-8am.

Please tune in and comment on social media about the interview, tagging in Good Morning Britain. Film it/Take a pic and share those posts on your own social media. The more attention it gets, the more likely GMB will be to continue following the case.

As big as #FreeJaggiNow has been, the case is still being ignored by many mainstream UK news outlets (Channel 4, Guardian, etc), so we need to continue to use social media to expose his situation.

MP Martin Docherty-Hughes alongside Jagtar’s brother Gurpreet Singh Johal from Dumbarton.


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