JAMMU: India’s NIA Brutally Tortured Sikh Youth Without Any Charges

On March 26, the National Investigation Agency brutally tortured a Jammu-based Sikh youth named Jugraj Singh. Jugraj Singh is aged 31. He was called to the local police station about a case being probed by the NIA.

Speaking to Sikh24, Jugraj Singh informed that he works for Swiggy and has a part-time breeding dog. “On March 25, DSP Chakpal Sherawat met me in the [local] market and asked me to pay a visit to the police station,” he added.

“On March 25, I went to see DSP Chakpal Sherawat in the police station where he started interrogating him about a call from an accused named Gurpartap who is wanted in a drug smuggling case,” he added.

Who is drug smuggling accused Gurpartap Singh?

Jugraj Singh informed that Gurpartap is the brother-in-law of his Amritsar-based part-time business partner Karamjit. He added that he had purchased four dogs from Karamjit in the past, due to which both have had good communication.

“A few months ago, Karamjit’s brother-in-law was arrested by the NIA, and he was brought to Jammu,” he said while adding that Karamjit had called him seeking assistance to secure a meeting with Gurpatap in police’s custody. Still, he couldn’t provide any such kind of help.

“They ate food in our house twice and never met me again,” he added.

What happened inside the police station?

Explaining the whole incident of March 26, Jugraj Singh informed that when he told DSP Chakpal Sherawat that Karamjit may have used Gurpartap’s number to call him and if he has any suspicion about this call, he can retrieve the call recording.

“On this, DSP Chakpal Sherawat started swearing me and started thrashing me,” he said.

“I am physically well built, so I sustained the initial thrashing. However, after, they took me to a room and kept on thrashing me 3-4 hours,” informed Jugraj Singh while adding that he was hit with a belt on the back more than a hundred times. “I now have issues even sitting down,” he said.

“In my medical report, an injury in the spinal cord has been reported along with muscle damage. The doctors have suggested me to take rest for 1-2 months, but I am worried about how I would be able to manage my home expenditures as my father has also been lying on the bed for the last 4-5 years due to brain hemorrhage,” he said.

Jugraj Singh's father suffers from brain hemorrhage, leaving his 31 year son as the only breadwinner of the household.

DSP Chakpal Sherawat Suspended

Meanwhile, it is learned that DSP Chakpal Sherawat has been suspended from service, but Jammu’s locals have been demanding his immediate dismissal.



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