Sikh Aware Sevadars Eye Victory as Harnek Singh New Zealand Withdraws Challenge in Court

AUCKLAND, NZ—In new developments today, Harnek Singh has withdrawn the challenge to the decision of the Employment Relations Authority (ERA) delivered in Oct 2019 by filing a “Consent Memorandum” in the Employment Court.

The ERA had ordered Harnek Singh’s organization Sri Guru Singh Sabha Auckland Inc. to pay $106,516.84 in the case of non-payment of minimum wages and other benefits to his former employees. Harnek Singh New Zealand is the convenor and treasurer of Sri Guru Singh Sabha Auckland Inc. The hearing of the matter in The Employment Court of New Zealand was scheduled for August 3 to 10, 2020 in Auckland.

Harpreet Singh of Sikh Aware (New Zealand) said that his team has worked relentlessly on this case for over two years to provide legal support to these affected former employees of Harnek Singh.

It is believed that Harnek Singh has withdrawn the challenge after reviewing the entire evidence of the case against him and his organisation.

From Left to Right – Raagi Jaswinder Singh, Harpreet Singh of Sikh Aware NZ and Raagi Harpreet Singh

Harpreet Singh of Sikh Aware added “We were confident of winning this case and increasing the compensation to be paid to the Raagi Jatha. It seems that Harnek has reviewed all the evidence we have collated and preferred not to challenge the ERA judgment as he saw that there was no way he could overturn the judgment in view of the overwhelming evidence presented against him and his organization”.

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