Bhai Amrik Singh Chandigarh Attacked By Hooligans at Park Ave Gurdwara in Southall

LONDON, UK—Kathakar Bhai Amrik Singh Chandigarh was attacked at Southall’s Park Avenue Gurdwara on May 7.

Sikh24 has learned that as Bhai Amrik Singh was about to start katha, he faced opposition by some people present in the sangat who refused to let him speak. Seeing the opposition, Bhai Amrik Singh agreed to not do katha. While he was stepping down from the stage, some hooligans attacked him and removed his dastar.

“I have been told that Bhai Amrik Singh was called out before he started to do the katha, and was beaten up, his turban was removed and Mr Malhi instead of telling the perpetrators off, asked Bhai Amrik Singh to apologise,” Sikh24 was told by a source who refused to be identified.

“On his refusal, he was told that he will not be allowed to do katha in any of the Gurdwaras in U.K. No report to the police has been filed. We haven’t verified yet with Mr Malhi,” he added.

Gurmail Singh Malhi is the main sevadar of the Park Avenue Gurdwara.

So far, Bhai Amrik Singh Chandigarh has refused to make any public statement. A group which self-proclaims itself as the “Dharamyudh Jatha – Damdami Taksal” led by Baba Charan Singh (Tividale) is being believed to be main perpetrator. The group had posted a message on their official Facebook page, later deleting the post. Sikh24 had earlier done an expose of this fringe group in the UK.


  1. Only way to counter this is to follow the order of Guru Gobind Singh ji which is our Guru is Guru Granth Sahib ji and nothing else and I mean no deviation. It is heartbreaking to see Sikhi being destroyed right in front of our eyes.


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