Grade XII Syllabus Change: Captain Consecrates to Constitute New Committee to Change Syllabus

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Amid on-going politics between mainstream political parties of Punjab over removal of Sikh history from the syllabi of secondary classes, the Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh has said that he was open to constitution of a new committee to revert the history syllabus if he found any error, He added that he will thoroughly relook at the committee set up by the erstwhile SAD-BJP government to revise and rewrite history books.  

Captain’s statement has come after pressure built up by the Shiromani Akali Dal leadership with submission of memorandum to the Punjab governor VP Singh Badnore on May 4.

Interacting with media, Captain Amarinder Singh said that it was ironic that the SAD leadership, which had once constituted the committee to revise and rewrite history syllbi for secondary classes, is now on toes to earn sympathy of Sikh masses.

Earlier in April 2018, Sikh24 had published a story detailing how the school syllabi was changed to make it parallel to the one being taught by Central Board of Secondary Education (CBSE).



  1. I cannot imagine if any other community is as stupid as we Sikhs are, Our history and language is being destroyed our kids are not allowed to take exams if they are keeping 5K’s. Supreme court is deciding if and when Sikhs can wear a turban. Our religious institutions are being taken over by RSS and its cohorts and they are still singing .H………….? and they are going to open as mentioned above what ?

  2. Open to constitution of a new committee to revert the history syllabus if he found any error: YOU ARE THE ERROR- you made it, you passed it, NOW Get off your fat butt and START acting the CM of Punjab by looking after Punjabi’s people’s interest, ALSO MAKE Punjabi language a priority to be taught in PUNJAB SCHOOLS.


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