106 Years Old Today – Fauja Singh The Marathon Runner

LONDON, UK‚ÄĒMultiple marathon participator, Fauja Singh, today hits the ripe old age of 106 and is still going strong – literally!

Still participating in runs, Fauja Singh has defied all odds with his fitness and physical ability levels and has become a worldwide phenomenon due to his inspirational endurance and attitude.

Having led a life of simple food and mild mannered relationships – remaining stress free, including with his wife, he has led a life of happy and healthy life, resulting in an active longevity that has led to notoriety the world over.

His mental drive and spirit still shows strong and serves as a perfect example of someone  overcoming matter with mind.

May Waheguroo jee bless him with the ability to inspire many more!



  1. So proud of Mr Fauja Singh Ji…. Stay in Chardi Kala always…. May be just may be today’s generation could learn something from you….
    Waheguru Ji Khalsa
    Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh

  2. Towns and villages in Punjab should hold each year

    1) Marathon Runs
    2) Athletics meet
    3) Olympic like meets

    to incultitate the Sporting spirits in people of Punjab.


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