Sikhs in Indiana USA Report Harassment Increased Exponentially

INDIANA, USA—Intimidation and harassment of Sikhs in the US state of Indiana have spiked according to members of the community there.

Cases of vandalism, racist and abusive text messages, threats of both a verbal and physical nature have all been experienced in recent months.

Members of the Sikh community have expressed that they don’t believe that they are the intentional targets of the perpetrators, as the number of incidents have only recently increased, coinciding with the inauguration of President Donald Trump. They believe that the Muslim community were the intended targets but racist elements of the local residents have mistaken Sikhs as Muslims.

Local Sikh leaders have, however, stated that Sikhs are here to stay and will continue working hard and contributing wherever they are.



  1. Total Bullshit story. Even if there WERE such cases, I firmly believe the Liberals are committing the crimes (just like they did with the Jews recently) in hopes to make it look like Trump followers are doing it. But no, obviously there are nuts everywhere and on every side, but this is total and complete lying bullshit, propaganda by the left….Fake NEWS


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