Radical Hindu Organization ‘Shiv Sena’ Petitions High Court To Ban Sarbat Khalsa 2016

Shiv Sena elements burning effigy of Sant Bhindranwa
Shiv Sena File Photo

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Shiv Sena, an extremist Hindu organization, has moved a petition in the Punjab & Haryana High Court seeking a ban on the Sarbat Khalsa 2016 event, slated for December 8 at Takht Sri Damdama Sahib (Talwandi Sabo). 

Addressing a media conference at Chandigarh on December 1, national president of the Shiv Sena, Pawan Gupta, said that the Shiv Sena will continue its legal war to stop the event. He complained that the same organizers had displayed posters & banners promoting Khalistan during Sarbat Khalsa 2015.

Singing nationalistic songs, Pawan Gupta said the Sikh congregation was dangerous for the law & order and national integrity of the country as the event is being directed by Jathedar Jagtar Singh Hawara, who is the assassinator of the ex-Chief Minister of Punjab, Beant ‘Singh’.

Targeting the President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) S. Simranjit Singh Mann, Pawan Gupta said that Mann often issues statements favouring Pakistan. He alleged that the convening Sikh Congregation on December 8 was aimed at promoting a voice for a separate Sikh state, which, he claimed, doesn’t adhere to the institution of a ‘Sarbat Khalsa’. He challeneged the Mann to have debate over the institution of ‘Sarbat Khalsa’, according to Sikh tenets and Gurbani scriptures.

In a sharp retort, the Vice-President of Shiromani Akali Dal (Amritsar) Bhai Ranjit Singh Damdami Taksal slammed the Shiv Sena President for claiming the Sarbat Khalsa 2016 was not in accordance to Sikh tenets. He said that the existence of Hindu religion is due to the steadfast stand taken by the Sikhs of 18th century via the Sarbat Khalsa gatherings. He further said that the Hindu religion might have become extinct if the Sikhs hadn’t fought against the Mughals for the Hindu’s right to existence. He suggested that the Shiv Sena ought to stay within the remits of the affairs of its own religion, as it doesn’t have any right to interfere in Sikh issues.

The Punjab & Haryana High Court has deferred an earlier hearing on a petition regarding Sarbat Khalsa 2016, to December 5.

Speaking to Sikh24, Advocate Simranjit Singh shared that on being questioned by High Court, the Punjab government has told the court that the planned SK-2016 in November was banned although the upcoming one has not.



  1. If you save a snake, give him milk to drink even then he will bite you; you give him amrit he will give you poison, this is the nature of RSS & shiv sena. They can not mind their own business. We don’t interfere in their religious beliefs.

  2. Yeh shiv sena ke logo ki shakle kaisi hai drawani si yeh kyon panga lete rehte hai kabhi muslim se kabhi chritians se kabhi daliton se kabhi sikhon se inki banti kiske saath hai, in hindu logo ko koi acha bhi lagta hai ya nahi? Kya yeh sab indian ki NAZI kaum hai? Kya in logo ko sikhon ke berehmi se katal karke bhi shanti nahi mili? Kya sikhon ke poore ke poore pariwar khatam kiye gaye inhi ke dwara unki sari property, jewellery, furniture loot kar un par kabza karke bhi shanti nahi mili? Kya in logo ne theka le rakha hai sabke gharon me taak jhaank karne ka kaun , kyon, kab, kahan , kya kar raha hai? Kya shiv sena ke Pawan Gupta batayenge ki kabhi sikhon ne bhi hindu ke kisi function, rally, gundagardi karne se roka hai? Kya shiv sena ya aur hindu party, rss sab jobless hai ? jo aye din road jaam karte dikhte hai doosre religions ki insult karte hai unke har kaam me dakhal andazi karte hai unhe berehmi se marte peet te hai kya inke parents, wife bhi yahi salah dete hai ki jao sikhon ka sarbat khalsa na hone do? Kisi gareeb ko do waqt ki roti na khane do kisi ko sukh se sone, rehne na do , bhagwan ki maar se daro ek din bure kiye karmo ka fal yahi bhugtana hoga kisi ki badduayon se bacho. Khud bhi jiyo auron ko bhi jeene do. Aap sab mil jul kar rahe sarbat khalsa ka naam hi sab ki bhalayee ke liye hai na ki nafrat ke liye, aap sab jab nafrat dikhate hai tab aap sab drawani shakal ke lagte hai agar aap doosron ke liye sahanubhuti rakhenge to aap sab khud ko hi ache lagenge sab kuch yahi reh jana hai kisi ne apne saath nahi le jana, sarbat khalsa hone de nahi to aap log bhi Kumbh Mela ko roke.

    • Comment:Right but baat samjhne ki hai k govt. Kiska saath de rhii hai saaf dikh rhaa hai lekin public sub kuj dekhte huyee bhiii nhiii smjhti

  3. Gupta saab ……agr kharku singh mar jande aa …
    Tah ide koi issue nhi sadi kom mardi hi rahi h ….
    Asi lashaaa de thoo chl k khooon naall rang k apne nishan dunia ch khare kite ne …..
    Pr agr pelhe kharku mar gaye ….
    Tah ….
    Guru de hor v baki putt jeeyooonde ne ….!!!!
    My religion don, t allow me to say anything about ur,s
    So i,l not say as i respect my guru,s words…
    But how would u knw that u don,t even knw about ur religion even ….
    U just interpret it in diffrent way … to coman hindus….frm the way it is ..
    Also mind ur words …..
    Or sant deya photo la k eh sb krne valyooo …sudrr jayoo …
    J asi thode lai jaan de sakde aa tah lena sade lai koi okha kaam nhi …..
    Better fullfill bad sectors of ur religion rathr putting ur leg into our,s …….
    This act of ur,s show,s ur fickel mindedness

  4. Mr Harinder it is an age old trick to praise someone to get you dirty work done. I hope by now Sikhs have learnt their lesson and will not fall for this crap and will chalk the way which is beneficial to them.

  5. Mr Gupta or his organization do not have to worry.
    Sikhs are Patriotic people and work for the well being of their Nation
    Sarbatt Khalsa will do lot of good to the Indian Nation whose Guardians Sikhs have been since time immemorial.

    • Perhaps the Sikhs should demand the Hindu Kumbh Mela then by the SHiv Sena’s reasoning? After all that is as semi regular as the Sarbat Khalsa, certainly has millions more people gathering in religious assembly, costs millions of crores to police and almost always results in the death of dozens if not hundreds of its attendees usually trampling themselves to death in some unfortunate stampede. There is also the considerable amount of pollution it causes in the river water, air pollution with burning and of course the hatred stirred up by Hinduvta fanatical groups with their stalls, meetings and pamphlets looking to convert peaceful Hindus into radical extremists who will join the Shiv Sena, RSS etc.

      • Typo. Perhaps the Sikhs should demand the BANNING OF THE Hindu Kumbh Mela then by the SHiv Sena’s reasoning?

      • Kumb Mela has happened since time immemorial and has not lead to any rebellion or armed .
        How ever the Anand Pur Sahib resolution lead to a rebellion against the Indian state resulting in killing of Innocent Hindus.
        If Sarbatt Khalsa has a peaceful out come then it to will not be viewed with suspicion.
        Till then Akali Dal ,SGPC ,Punjab govt and central Govt are means to address problems faced by Sikhs .

      • Kumb Mela has not led to any rebellion? More is the pity as that explains why the Hindu nation was so easily subjugated by the Mughals and Britishers for centuries then? ). If you stick with your line then SIkhs should have been held accountable to Mughal laws and British laws as they were the legitimate legal power in the Punjab (and most of India) and were set up to repress any revolt against their rule – both had courts and laws which condemned Sikhs (and non SIkhs for that matter) to torture, imprisonment and death penalties. It’s really deeply depressing to me that you still do not accept this very basic Sikh principle of not blindly put up with despotic rule but vigorously opposing it – where would your Kashmiri Pandits be if Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji had not gone to Delhi to defend their religious rights and sacrificed his head to Moghul law? Where would India be if Bhagat Singh and Udham had not broken British law and been condemned to hang in British courts? Gurmeet Pinky has already whistle blown how depraved the Punjab police has been in extra judicial killings against Sikhs for just being Sikhs (it was enough that young Punjabi men who kept their beards and dastaars to be automatically labelled as militants and extremists and then summarily kidnapped, tortured and murdered by men in uniform). The law permitted these atrocities in the name of security and has actually created more martyrs and grievances. As for the kangaroo Indian courts well Bapu Surat SIngh has highlighted their injustices in passing sentences against Sikhs and then allowing them to languish in prisons years after their sentences have expired. I know you are just posing as a Sikh but even as a Hindu you are still a human being and have the moral responsibility to know the difference between right and wrong and to stand up against injustice. Even though you refuse to believe in Waheguru you are still his child and will have to answer to Him about why you were content to turn a blind eye and deaf ear to the abuses being carried on against Sikhs till this day. If I cannot appeal to your common humanity then I lastly appeal to your sense of patriotism, warped as it is – these Sikhs upon whom indignities and atrocities are being visited by the Indian Sarkar are still your fellow Indian citizens until you make them not. The Anadpur Sahib Resolutions were formulated over decades entirely peacefully and democratically AFTER it became apparent that the solemn pledges made to the Sikh nation to join with India at Independence by the founding fathers of India were found to have been reneged upon. Mahatma Gandhi THE founding father of India made it clear to Sikhs that they had the right to both dissent and resist any attempt made after Independence to interfere in their affairs so how can you seriously talk of ‘rebellion’ especially when the Sikhs are first and foremost proportionately the ones who have suffered the most in gaining and indeed sustaining India’s Independence? You have freedom with the spilling of our blood and the splitting of our homeland. As for the Sarbat Khalsa this pre-dates India and British rule and goes back to the very formation of the Khalsa itself (which is ordained by Guru Gobind SIngh Ji so cannot be counteracted by you or anyone else) and is the very essence of Sikh autonomy and elgalitarianism. The SGPC and Akali Dal are 20th century inventions that were created tro counter the mahants and British Givt attempts to neuter SIkhism and the Inidan Givernment and pUnjab Government have both engaged in the extra judicial murder of Sikhs as government policy so can hardly then be the guardians of Sikhism. Akali Badal through Hinudvta patronage (an unholy union it formed with the BJP particularly) has corrupted the SGPC and now control its membership and policies (and no doubt revenue), they have rejected the authority of both the Panj Pyare and the Sarbat Khalsa, they are involved in the prosecution and persecution of Sikhs holding views opposed to their own even as a far as Portugal but will not prosecute police officers who murder Sikhs peacefully protesting on the streets of Punjab, they give pardon to and seek favour from heretics like Rahim and take orders from the RSS and Hinduvta mafia (who honour Badal by giving him titles). Now they are dispensing with Sri Guru Hargobind’s vital miri-piri principle which demands that Sikhs do not just restrict themsleves to spiritual betterment of mankind but also to the practical political relevancies of every day life – a clear attempt to box the Sikhs into some religious affairs only ghetto so the Akali-BaDal and its cohorts can continue to rape the Punjab with impugnity. Sikhism is a not cave dwelling ascetic faith that separates itself off from the affairs of the world like some Hindu yogi – it is a practical, radical religious moral ethos that stands up against injustice in the socio-economic reality of the world. Sikhs are a free sovereign nation unto themselves and have the democratic right under the constitution as well as their own religious rights to gather and decide their religious affairs without interference from anybody and certainly not from people that have Sikh blood on their hands. The Shepherd does not hand over the care of his flock to the wolf and then wonder why all his lambs are slain by morning.

      • Also your contention that the Kumbh Mela has not resulted in violence is again wrong. Until East India Company rule, the Kumbh Melas were managed by sadhus who collected taxes, carried out policing and judicial duties. The sadhus were heavily militarised and also participated in trade. ‘The Melas were a scene of sectarian politics, which sometimes turned violent. The Chahar Gulshan states that the local sanyasis at Haridwar attacked the fakirs of Prayag who came to attend the Kumbh Mela there. At the 1760 Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, a clash broke out between Shaivite Gosains and Vaishnavite Bairagis (ascetics), resulting in hundreds of deaths, with Vaishnavite forming most of the victims. A copper plate inscription of the Maratha Peshwa claims that 12,000 ascetics died in a clash between Shaivite sanyasis and Vaishnavite bairagis at the 1789 Nashik Kumbh Mela. The dispute started over the bathing order, which indicated status of the akharas. At the 1796 Kumbh Mela in Haridwar, the Shaivites attacked and injured the Udasis for erecting a camp without their permission. In response the Khalsa SIkhs accompanying the Udasis killed around 500 Gosains’ ensuring the Udasis safety and religious rights.

      • You are very knowledgeable and a wise man.
        I am sure you will shepherd the community to its rightful place .
        Go ahead with the Sarbatt Khalsa but see that it is not used by External forces to harm our homeland.

      • Now that you have accepted that your contentions that India has never invaded another land and that the Kumbh Mela has never resulted in violence are entirely factually false let us address the Sarbat Khalsa. Let me be plain the SIkhs do not need nor seek your or anyone else’s permission to hold their Sarbat Khalsa to discuss their own religious affairs. The only ‘external force’ that informs the Sarbat Khalsa is Waheguru. Also I am not a ‘very knowledgeable nor a wise man’, I am just an ordinary Sikh that has had access to history books and the divine truth of Gurbani – you can do as much if you choose and I invite you to contribute to the well being of Sikh homeland and India by choosing enlightenment over ignorance and bigotry for benefit of all mankind.


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