Human Rights Day Dec 10th: Dal Khalsa to Hold Protest Rally in Batala

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—Commemorating the 68th Human Rights Day, the pro-freedom Sikh body Dal Khalsa has announced it will hold a protest march in Batala on December 9. It’s highlighted complaints are the looting of natural resources in Punjab, state repression and violation of human rights by the state.

Human Rights Day is observed by the international community every year on 10 December. It commemorates the day in 1948 when the United Nations General Assembly adopted the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.


Addressing a press conference at Amritsar, Dal Khalsa’s spokesperson S. Kanwarpal Singh announced that the All India Sikh Students Federation and Sikh Youth of Punjab will also support the event. He said that the march will start from Bhai Sukha Singh & Bhai Mehtab Singh Cross road of Batala town, after-which prayers will be offered at Gurdwara SatKartaria Sahib for the victims of brutalities committed by Indian security forces.

President of AISSF, S. Karnail Singh Peer Mohammad said that the motive of the protest march was to revive the dying hopes of justice for the sufferers of state repression.



  1. Please stay put in Punjab .
    But if we rebel against the Empire created Indian state again then the Indian State and Empire will be back with vengeance.
    Genocides and Military operations are standard tools of Imperialism and Nationalism proponents to deal with rebellions.

    • Look carefully at the story of the Jews who kept faith with their God despite all the violence, persecution they faced for centuries. They are smaller in number as a minority than even the Sikhs but they are now the strongest in the world. Your Hinduvta taliban are no match for the Islamist from the west nor the Communist Chinese from the East – even though you deny it to yourselves out of braggadaccio you need the Sikhs to protect you as they have always done.

  2. The only way to avoid state repression and extra judicial killing is to be law abiding and not pick up arms against States where ever you live.
    Abort states where ever human rights are abrogated.
    Also a widely dispersed community will prevent a Genocide -4 .

    • Seriously can Sikh24 ban this troll who keeps misinforming with his stupid propaganda? Was jaswant singh Khalra not a law abiding citizen? He never committed any crime and th Indian state kidnapped him, tortured him and Killed him and then neve gave his body back to his family, they illegally cremated the evidence and for what reason? Because he was a human rights activist

      • In 1980-1990 there was a rebellion against the Indian state going on by Sikh Nationalists.
        The Sikh Nation had been dissolved by the Empire and in its place Indian state was created.
        Remember India is a vassal state ruled by the Empire through its constitution .
        So no EMPIRE will tolerate any rebellion in its Realm
        The Indian state subdued the rebellion by a heavy and Extra judicial methods.
        Jaswant singh Khalra was trying to dig into those secrets and met with an unfortunate end.
        Empire vaporizes individual people who are against it.
        It does genocides if a group is against Empire
        It dismantles or bombs it into stone age Nations who oppose it .
        Be careful of EMPIRE the big brother is watching all of us.

      • You should feel intense shame when you utter the name Khalra as he was a great human rights activist murdered by the State for trying to get justice for Sikh victims. You cannot kill such a man but only make him a shaheed: he lives now forever immortalised in the memory of the Sikh Panth and in the consciences of all men of humanity. I have already given you the evidence again and again but you have no interest in the truth but just being paid to repeat your propaganda mantra to justify murder against Sikhs. Your forebears who were grateful to the Sikhs for saving their religion and their girls kidnapped by the Afghan and rescued by the Khalsa would be ashamed even if you are not. There was and is no empire or rebellion, there was and is only good and evil – you are an apologist and denier of truth and I feel pity and compassion for you as your actions inform your karma as Waheguru watches your deeds. He will give you another chance to be born human again so that you might know compassion and humanity but alas unlike Shaheed Khalra Ji you have wasted this golden opportunity He bestowed upon you in this life to know His Blessed Grace.

      • Extra judicial killings are carried out by totalitarian regimes and those who do these atrocities in the name of democracy always have to answer for them – The British had to acknowledge their culpability for Bloody Sunday massacre and extra judicial killings in Northern Ireland and the Afrikannaers in South Africa had to admit their guilt in truth and reconciliation courts. India refuses to admit its guilt and apologists like you continue to peddle lies to justify murder. What ‘rebellion’ are you talking about in relation to the Sikhs? I have explained to you in detail the promises made to the Sikh nation before India was created to entice and induce them to throw in their lot with the about to be created India rather than returning to recreate their own separate Sikh sovereign state which pre-exists India. Sikh leaders accepted these promises of autonomy and respect for their distinct identity and these promises were then reneged upon. Hardly surprising when Sikhs learned too late that Nehru was a hypocrite (who committed adultery with another man’s wife) who had a lifelong disdain for men who wore beards (something you and his daughter inherited – see her comments in 1974 to the Indian Hockey Association that there were too many Sikhs in the Indian national team for her liking). Sikh grievances around these broken promises were set down in the Anandpur Sahib Resolutions during the sixties and seventies and roundly rebuffed and rejected and ignored by the Indian Sarkar (they agree to cleave Punjab in two in 1966 purely on communal reasons to create Hindu majority Haryana) who thought that once Sikhs have committed themselves to be part of India there was no need to honour any agreements – much like Himmler who famously stated in relation to international treaties and policy towards the Jews ‘Who compels us to keep the promises we make?’. Indira Gandhi’s antipathy towards Sikhs grew with their defiance to her emergency and she set about with the full consent of Hinduvta parties trying to divide and conquer Sikh polity by the proxy murder of 13 Sikhs in Amritsar in 1978. That all is the historical root cause and until you are your Hinduvta like are prepared to accept that truth you are doing nothing but disservice to justice and the dream of India which you have turned into a living nightmare for Sikhs and indeed Punjabis as a whole considering what Punjab had been reduced to. The right to self determination is not insurgency or rebellion it is a basic human right and I would remind you that was exercised by Punjabi Hindus in 1966 when they ceceded from Punjab themselves without any violence, repression or oppression against them from Sikhs for simply wanting to express, preserve and promote their distinct identity and self interests. One rule for them but another for the Sikhs when both are supposedly ‘equal’ citizens of India? In Ambala in Haryana (formely part of PUnjab) last year a Sikh trying to present himself for a Patwari examination was told he could only enter the exam hall and sit the exam if he first removed his kara and kirpan by a Government Civil Servant. He as a Sikh naturally refused to dispense with his articles of faith – is he committing insurrection and rebellion against the Indian State RSS Harinder for refusing to accept the Sarkar’s decree? What of the two Sikhs again in Haryana in the past two weeks who were denied entry to examination hall unless they removed their SIkh articles of faith – a story you refrained form making any post on on this website – were they too ‘rebelling’ by sticking so publicly to their Sikh identity?

      • Just be law abiding citizens .Don’t live in countries where citizens are not law abiding.
        States which discriminates against us should be avoided .
        We need to work for Nations and people who love us and treat us as equals .

      • ‘Just be law abiding citizens’. Sikhs are alw abiding citizens and have contribuited more proportionately to the creation and maintenance of India than any other communal population. ‘Don’t live in countries where citizens are not law abiding’. Sikh genociders Kamal Nath, Jagdish Tytler, Sajjan Kumar live in India without any botheration – are they law abiding? Should they leave India or the Sikhs then? ‘States which discriminates against us should be avoided’ – how then do Sikhs living in Sikh homeland and heartland of Punjab avoid a State which has carried out nationwide genocide against them and to this day protects the culprits, a State which ignores the Constitution and says we are going to loot your land’s water regardless?

    • Sikhs cannot and will not abandon their Sikh homeland and heartland anymore than the Jew can abandon Jerusalem and Israel. And much like the Jew the Sikhs have faced holocaust genocides and discrimination but look at them now, they are the strongest small nation on the earth. Learn from history and stop pushing the Sikhs.

  3. It is good to hold rallies and keep your spirits high.At the same time we have to take concrete steps which can help our community.One can startwith collect all the data of everyone killed thru fake encounters , torture and what not. It can only be done with lot of effort at local level.It is a diificult task but can be done.Then we have to devise ways at international level to help the victims.We have wasted enough time expecting any justice from the Indian Govt.


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