Petition Launched in Support of ‘Singh and Kaur Park’ in Elk Grove, California

After Sikh Shootings, Community Responds (Elk Grove, CA)
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SACRAMENTO, California, USA—A petition has been launched in support of a nomination to the City of Elk Grove, California, requesting that a new park be named ‘Singh and Kaur Park’ in honor of the late Gurmej Singh Atwal, the late Surinder Singh, their wives and their families.  

The petition currently has over 100 endorsements by Sikhs across California.

On the afternoon of March 4, 2011, Sikh grandfathers Surinder Singh and his friend Gurmej Atwal were taking a break from their daily walk along East Stockton Boulevard when they were shot. Singh, 67, died at the scene, while Atwal, 78, succumbed to his wounds six weeks later.

The case, which was investigated as a possible hate crime by the U.S. Department of Justice, drew national attention. The victims’ families and others believed that the two men were targeted by a gunman who saw them as Muslim because they wore thick beards and turbans. petition website states –

Mr. Atwal and Mr. Singh were murdered in March 2011 but the murderers have not been apprehended nor identified.  In the sadness of that loss, the community of Elk Grove and the surrounding region came together in love and support for the affected families and the Sikh community. By honoring these two families and their patriarchs, we remember their contributions and the strength of our community during a time of tragedy.

Sign this petition and then email the council members directly to make sure they hear your voice:

Gary Davis –  [email protected]

Steve Detrick –  [email protected]

Steve Ly –  [email protected]

Pat Hume –  [email protected]

Darren Suen –  [email protected]

The petition can be signed at this link:


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