Dhadi Satpal Singh Garcha Releases Track On Punjab Smack Problem

Chaurasi RecordsWORLDWIDE—It is a well known fact that Punjab (India) is severely impaired by a drug addiction epidemic.

It is estimated that approximately 70% of the youth is addicted to a form of drug whether it is the widely alleged state sponsored Smack (Crack/Heroin) tobacco or alcohol. The problem doesn’t stop at the drug abuse, it is also having a grave impact on the families of the addicts.

Dhadi Satpal Singh Garcha and Dhadi Jatinder Singh Noorpuri today released a new music track highlighting these very topics. Topic often discussed but not resolved, a tale about those families that suffer silently due to the incompetency of the Punjab Government to tackle this epidemic.

Chaurasi Records, made s statement to Sikhs, at large, on the day of the track’s release, “A humble request in front of the sadh sangat to support all organisations worldwide that work tirelessly on rehabilitating addiction and creating awareness.”

The track, entitled Broken Homes is available to download on Sound Cloud and can be found at the following link.



  1. RSS Harinder probably thinks there is no smack problem in the Punjab not only because the Badals are in charge (and therefore responsible) but also no doubt it’s one of the ‘contemporary ways of living’ that he thinks ‘Sikhs should be doing in the modern world’ once they have abandoned ‘the old fashioned ways’ wearing dastaars and believing in the authority of Panj Pyare et al.


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