Australian Gurdwara Panel Passes Resolution Condemning Treatment of Sikhs in India

SYDNEY, Australia—Following growing protests in Punjab after continued sacrilege of Guru Granth Sahib, a meeting was held at Gurdwara Sahib Glenwood, Sydney.  The meeting was attended by various Gurdwaras and Sikh sangat of Sydney.  A number of speakers shared their views expressing concern over the recent incidents in Punjab.

Following resolutions were passed collectively by Australian Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee –

Previous history and treatment of Sikhs after partition clearly shows that Sikhs like Dalits, Christians, Muslims, and other minorities are slaves in Hindu Majority India.

Operation blue star, Black thunder, shudhi karan, killing of thousands by the politically motivated mobs in November 1984, no action against the political leaders responsible for mass murdering of Dalits, Sikhs, Muslims and minorities, different yard sticks and laws for the majority vote bank and different for the minorities are classic examples.

Above all the politically motivated and completely controlled media has tarnished the image of the Sikhs projecting them to be terrorists, separatists and anti-national and enemies of the majority Hindus just to pocket their votes.

Supreme sacrifices made by the Sikhs to preserve Hindu identity when they used to save thousands of young Hindu girls from the clutches of the brutal Muslim rulers and used to restore them with full respect, supreme sacrifices made for independence of India, lives lost during 1962, 65, and 71 wars, major contribution made in sports, producing grain reserves to feed rest of the India are all forgotten by most of the ungrateful Hindus.

Since 1978 mass killing of Sikhs and recent happenings of promoting Sirsa Dera Sadh and other such deras as vote banks, playing with the sentiments of the Sikh masses are completely deplorable. Sikhs all over the World know that the present rulers in Punjab in the garb of Sikhs are operated from somewhere else and they can kill thousands as usual throwing all Sikh norms and principals to wind as for as their ministries are protected. All Sikh institutions are being used by them to promote themselves, to tarnish true Gursikhs and to dilute the Sikh doctrine.

It is time for the Sikhs all over the World to unite. No other agenda but to unite under one banner. Keep away our small differences of opinion on panthik issues at this stage. Do not be power hungry and behave like dogs for boties in the form of wealth or position. Follow directions of Gurbani and be prepared for sacrifice for the Panth. Let us convey a clear message to the majority population that they should not play with our sentiments if they want peace. These rulers of the day like Indra Gandhi are bound to die today or tomorrow. Let us beg everything from our everlasting King of Kings AKAAL PURAH following the direction as give through Gur Granth Sahib Ji. ” JO TO PREM KHELAN KA CHAO SIR DHAR TALI GALI MERI AWO. IT MARG PAIR DHRIJE, SIR DEEJE KAAN NAA KEEJE”

We Sikhs belong to and are part of the followers of Guru Sahibans, most respected Kabir Sahib, Namdev Ji, Farid Sahib, Ravidass Ji and other Gurmukhs to whom we bow our head in respect every time we bow to Guru Granth Sahib JI. Discarded by the upper class Brahmnical thought all so called shoodras, untouchables, Vanjarras, backwards and down trodden classes are our brothers and sisters. They are so dear to us as described by Guru Gobind Singh Ji “RANGRETE GUR KE BETE”. These are the ones those who coming from different parts of the Country belonging to different down trodden classes Baptized Guru Gobind Rai Ji to make him Gobind Singh. The time have come to put in practice the real message given by our Guru Sahiban. Shed caste system and embrace every one.

Humbly request all to act on the decisions taken so that we can fight against the anti Panthik forces who have got no consideration for the basic human rights and whose agenda is genocide and complete elimination of Sikhs.


Sham Singh

President Australian Sikh Gurdwara Parbandhak Committee


  1. The first sentence from the resolution below is highly hurtful, divisive and absolutely false. But let’s speak truth and absolute truth. Yes, I totally admit about injustices. Yes, I totally admit about 1984, both delhi riots and Punjab injustices. I also admit about recent injustice to Muslims, it is wrong without any argument. But to put this on Hindus is highly hurtful and I feel ashamed someone feels this way about me as a Hindu.

    But you are Sikhs, you have history of fighting conversions and for just treatment of all. How do you come up with this resolution? If you ask Hindu groups, they also have valid complaints. Wrongful conversions are going on all over India and I am not supporting RSS and their lies, I know it myself with my own eyes. Rss is wrong and exaggerating the love-jihad topic but it is happening all over India as well. You have preset prejudice otherwise you can probably see that same thing happening in UK to not only Hindu, but Sikh and white girls too. Based on your history, if it wasn’t for 1984, you’d probably agree with this Hindu complaints about conversions but 1984 becamse fault of Hindus where neither Indira Gandhi or Rajiv Gandhi are considered Hindus by Hindus themselves and they were not considered Hindus by Hindus before 1984, they were not disowned after.

    But yes, I mean no harm to anyone and I will speak only truth. Yes, wrong has happened and justice needs to happen I will not deny it. I do not support RSS/BJP recent lies. RSS is wrong, they have valid complaints but their action is not valid, I admit it. But this is not just resolution from any angle and it is one resolution done without knowing facts from all sides… This is one sided, unjust and borderline racist resolution. How much harm have Hindus caused to you Sikhs, can you list please? I challenge you. Yes, Punjab police shooting two innocent peaceful Sikhs is fault of Hindus, right? This was not expected from Sikhs….out of all people. I am ashamed.

    “Previous history and treatment of Sikhs after partition clearly shows that Sikhs like Dalits, Christians, Muslims, and other minorities are slaves in Hindu Majority India.”


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