Delhi High Court Orders Tihar Jail To Provide Proper Medical Care to Bhai Hawara DELHI—A bench of Justice Pratibha Rani of the Delhi High Court earlier today asked the Tihar Jail to ensure Bhai Jagtar Singh Hawara is provided proper medical care.  Bhai Hawara is currently imprisoned at the Tihar Jail and suffering from degenerated disk due to torture by the police.

The Tihar Jail superintendent was asked to transfer Bhai Hawara to All India Institute of Medical Science in New Delhi. The decision by the court comes after protests by various Sikh and human rights organization who expressed concern over his deteriorating health. Medical staff at the Tihar Jail has till date avoided to provide adequate treatment to Bhai Hawara.

The CBI had opposed plea by Bhai Hawara to seek treatment outside the Tihar Jail, stating that the medical care provided by the jail staff was ample, and that doctors were seeing him regularly.

The court turned down the suggestion by CBI and asked the jail staff to ensure proper security and treatment at the AIIMS immediately.

Bhai Hawara is currently confined to a wheel chair and is unable to stand for more than a few minutes without support.


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