#FedExShooting: Police Chief States Significant Number of Employees at the Facility Are Sikhs

Update: The gunman has been identified as Brandon Scott Hole, a 19-year-old teenager.

AP Photo/Michael Conroy

As details of the shooting at a FedEx facility in Indianapolis are still unfolding, Police Chief Randal Taylor has noted that a “significant” number of employees at the facility are members of the Sikh community. Taylor addressed the press from a hotel lobby where family members had gathered to find out more about victims. So far, the police have not disclosed information on the victims.

Yesterday, at 11 PM, a gunman opened fire at the FedEx facility, killed eight people, and injured several others. He then pulled the trigger on himself. As police arrived at the facility, the gunman had already taken his own life after causing havoc there. The gunman has not been identified, and his motives remain unclear.

The Sikh Coalition has released a statement saying it was deeply saddened to learn that Sikh community members are among those injured and killed by the gunman.

“Our hearts and prayers are with their families, and we are in touch with the sangat leaders, government, and law enforcement officials to learn more,” the statement by Sikh Coalition reads.

The incident at the FedEx facility has reminded the Sikh community about the mass shooting at the Oak Creek Gurdwara in Wisconsin, where a white supremacist opened fire and killed 6 before killing himself.


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