Sikhs open India’s biggest Kidney Dialysis Hospital in Delhi with all facilities free

NEW DELHI: Setting new example of service to humanity, the Delhi Sikh Gurdwara Management Committee (DSGMC) today opened India’s largest and hi-tech Kidney Dialysis Hospital at Gurdwara Bala Sahib here with all kinds of facilities free of cost for patients irrespective of their religion, caste, race, creed and colour.

Operation of this unique hospital started today with its formal inauguration held in presence of prominent religious, social and political personalities. As treatment of Kidney patients is very expensive, this hospital will greatly be helpful for them.

A unit of the Guru Harikshan Institute of Medical Sciences and Research, the hospital will have no cash counter. There will just be a registration counter for the patients from whom no money will be taken, said Manjinder Singh Sirsa, President of the DSGMC.

He said the patients will be facilitated with beds and electric chairs. Total 50 beds and 50 electric chairs will be there. This has been done for comfort of the patients. During dialysis, if a patient feels boredom or discomfort on the bed, then he can also choose to sit on the chair.

Hi-tech machines and other related equipments which have been imported from Germany, have been made available here. Well-known doctors have also been deputed in this hospital. Some of them are also Nephrologists from South India, said Sirsa.

He added, “There will be no discrimination against any patient coming to be treated. Dialysis of a patient lasts for about 3-4 hours, in such a situation, people will be able to get treatment on 100 beds alternately”.

In case any patients need any other facility related to the kidney ailment, they can get completely free treatment at the Guru Harkrishan Institute of Medical Sciences.

People seeking this facility will be able to get online registration by visiting official website of the DSGMC.

Since the hospital is situated on the premises of the Gurdwara, the patients will not have to pay for food. As the langar (free food) is served every time in the community kitchen, the patients will have privilege to get food free of cost.  There will be no bar for this service for family members of the patients as well. Similarly, clean drinking water will also provided free of cost.

Building of the hospital has been erected by Delhi based Kar Sewa Organization of the Sikhs.

The DSGMC which is elected boy of the Sikhs and meant for managing major historic gurwaras in Delhi, has already been indulging in several humanitarian works.


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  1. That’s good, but what about in Punjab there should be more hospitals opened considering it’s the birth place of Sikhism.


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