India bans Lakha Sidhana’s Facebook page

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—The BJP led Indian government has blocked Lakha Sidhana’s main Facebook page in India to curtail his reach to the common masses through social media. The ban on his Facebook page has come after three days of a rally organized by him in Mehraj (Bathinda).

The Facebook page of Lakha Sidhana has more than 300k followers, and he has been sharing all his videos through this Facebook page while being on the run.

His targeted Facebook page is accessible outside India, but his followers within India are unable to access this page.

Gangster turned social activist Lakha Sidhana is facing charges of inciting violence at Lal Qila on January 26, due to which he is on the run.

On February 23, Lakha Sidhana had organized a rally at Mehraj (Bathinda) in which thousands of people expressed solidarity with his struggle while attending the rally.

Despite being at large, Lakha Sidhana personally appeared and spoke in this rally after challenging the police to arrest him. The Punjab police didn’t bother about his public appearance while excusing that the Delhi police wanted him.

Banning social media accounts has not been a novel step of the BJP led Indian government as it has been doing so since attaining power in 2014 to oppress dissenting voices.


p style=”text-align: justify;”>On February 25, India has announced its new social media policy, which will make it mandatory for the social media platforms to abide ruling section’s decisions without any objection.   



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