PICTORIAL: Farmers Kick Off Tractor March as a Parallel Parade to India’s Republic Day Celebrations

NEW DELHI—Protesting farmers across different borders of Delhi kicked off the tractor march earlier day as they removed the barricades through tractors’ force. A tractor being driven by a young Singh was seen at Singhu, removing one of the first barricades.

The tractor march is being termed historical, as the sheer volume of tractors in a parade has never been seen before. As per various estimates, over 500,000 tractors are estimated to take part in the tractor march.

“I appeal to everyone to carry out the tractor march peacefully. We are at a very critical point in this struggle, and any unforeseen incident will cause major damage to our image. This march is not just about farmers; if we fail today, our coming generations will have to pay the price,” said Lakha Sidhana, a prominent activist from Punjab.

Pictures courtesy Papalpreet Singh

Meanwhile, on Twitter, multiple hashtags are trending, including #FarmersProtest and #TractorsVsTraitors. The official hashtag given by the Farmer Union is #HistoricalTractorMarch.


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