January 4: Buddhist Monks Take Part in the Protest and Rain Damages Make Shift Farmer Tents

1. Bhai Gurcharan Singh, a farmer passed away today at Singhu border. This takes the toll to 60. Bhai Gurcharan Singh resident of village Bakhopeer of Bhawanigarh. During his stay at Singhu border protest, he fell ill, went back to his village, and died due to pneumonia.
2. Last night’s 9-hour relentless rain drenched the whole of Gazipur site. Water entered all tents. All mattress soggy, blankets wet, tents on slip roads broken. Volunteers worked hard today to change mattresses and blankets when new ones arrived. They hope no more rain today.
3. Power was cut last night so conditions were even worse for protesting farmers.
4. 110 canisters of tear gas were fired upon a convoy of farmers on Delhi – Jaipur road over a 3 hour period. Many tear gas canisters were out of date so exploded as they landed. Many farmers injured as the police directly shit them with canisters and many trolleys on fire during the night. One farmer got hit on his arm and leg with 2 different canisters.
5. Scenes at the Delhi – Jaipur border road were like a war zone.
6. 3000 more farmers arrive on tractors from Haryana to the Sahajpur border.
7. The latest round of meetings between farmers’ unions and the Indian government minister ended inconclusively today as the BJP refused to withdraw the three controversial farm bills.The next meeting has been scheduled for Friday 8 Jan.
8. 2 minute silence held for all the farmers who died so far, but no chance in govts stance on the laws.
9. Farmers have taken up the silence in the post-lunch session and have asked ministers to respond to the repeal demand. Farmers have decided to not speak anything until govt answers clearly on what it thinks.
10. On asked why didn’t unions discuss MSP when Tomar was ready to give it in writing & as law as well, Dhaliwal said “What will we do with MSP when the laws still exist? How do you implement even an MSP law when there will be no Mandi and our lands gone”
11. BJP General Secretary is calling for Governor rule in Punjab. They are putting in place plans to sideline Capt Amrinder Singh. This will mean major crackdown on farmers.
12. Punjab BJP Representatives will meet Prime Minister Tomorrow.
13. “Had the chief minister been discharging his duties towards Punjab, it wouldn’t have become the land of mafia gangs and the people wouldn’t have been living in terror where there is a jungle raj,” BJP’s national general secretary said to Tribune India.
14. Punjab Vidhan Sabha Speaker Rana KP singh has said that Narendra Modi govt is trying to subvert and destroy constitutional framework of country.
15. 30 Buddhist monks arrive at morcha to support the farmers.
16. Facing wrath of farmers, Harsimrat Badal had to cancel her four scheduled programmes in villages. Hundreds of people chanted slogans during her visit and tried to gehrao her convoy. However, the police team led by Budhlada DSP Baljinder Pannu manage to escort Harsimrat’s convoy out of the village. Protesters even showed black flags to her convoy. Harsimrat was to pay condolences to the families of slain farmers and deceased members of the party in the villages. This was her first visit to the area in her constituency after her resignation from the Union Cabinet.
17. A young protestor came to UNITED SIKHS camp where this person lost his consciousness and fell down. A young protestor with critically high blood pressure was immediately taken to the hospital by our team at the Medical camp at the border. Timely support helped him recover which otherwise could have resulted into a casualty as shared by the doctors who attended the patient.
18. A Punjab family are calling for more buses to be used instead of tractors for travel to Delhi amid the FarmersProtest. The call comes after their relative, 16-year-old Gurjinder Singh, died en route to the protest after a tractor accident. Others have died in similar incidents.
19. District Police chief Hoshiarpur Navjot Singh Mahal announced that cases against the Tikshin Sood cow dung unloading case will be taken back. This comes after lot of meetings with farmers delegations and lawyers.
20. Three persons have been booked by Barnala Police under section 153A,153,149 of IPC for allegedly defacing the property of BJP leader Harjit =Grewal located in Dhanaula. One person has been arrested.
21. A religious organization from the Gurdaspur district of Punjab built Tin Shed to Cook Food at Singhu Border. It’s on the national highway. Due to bad weather and rain, it was much needed.
22. Indian income tax department has initiated an investigation into funding sources of Singer @diljitdosanjh. Diljit had donated 1 crore rupees to cause of farmers. Tax department started this inquiry after receiving complaint from Legal Rights observatory which is affiliated with RSS.
23. Vijay Patel on Twitter who @vijaygajera is the one co-ordinating complaints against Khalsa Aid, Dharam Seva Records and Diljit Dosanjh.
24. Reports that Ajay, son of senior BJP minister Amit Shah did not pay tax on time, but no case registered against him. Hypocrisy…. 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️
25. While Indian media continues its vilification campaigns against @Khalsa_Aid and @RaviSinghKA , the transport association of UK has written a letter to Ravi Singh Sahib ji thanking his organisation for setting up langars for stranded people on the UK- France Border.
26. Punjab Haryana High court has directed CBI to submit report in 2015 Beadbi cases without any further delay.
27. Worlds 2nd largest rail network Bharti Rail now sold by Modi to Adani. It’s now called Adani Rail. So after ports, airports and now Rail. Indias infrastructure is being sold to Adani.
28. Birth Anniversary of Gaddar Party’s Mohan Singh Bhakna was celebrated and dedicated to farmers at his native village.
29. Sikh Relief has erected yet another tent village for the protesting farmers of India. With the support of Sikh Assembly and Jet Singh Trust we are now sheltering thousands of farmers from the freezing temperatures and incessant rain.
30. The sites are Ghazipur at Mayur Vihar on the U.P border, Jaipur border Rajasthan, Singhu and Tikri borders of Delhi. We are providing shelter, food, water, hot drinks and warm bedding to all regardless of caste, creed or religion.
31. Ambanis Reliance says it has nothing to do with farm laws, then files plea in Punjab and Haryana High Court. However Agriculture Minister specifically mentioned Ambani and Adani as benefitting from laws.
32. Cameramen and reporters outside Vighian Sabha during the farmers meeting with Ministers. They were waiting outside all day starving until Gurus Sikhs came with Langar!! This same media has gone on defamation campaign against farmers.
33. Pictures of farmer Gurcharan Singh who passed and young 26 year old, Gurjinder singh who passed away while traveling to morcha. Then pictures of injuries to farmers.



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