December 9: Updates from Worldwide Farmer Protests against India

1. Amit Shah continues to use the divide and rule policy. He has met some farmer leaders while has others arrested. Farmers rejected Govt proposal and reiterated the demand for the repeal of farm laws. They call a boycott of Ambani owned Reliance business establishments and products including Jio sim. Siege of District headquarters across India on 14th of December. Protests will continue. Jaipur-Delhi highway will be blocked either before 12 of Dec or on 12 Dec. Siege of homes of BJP leaders.
2. Mewa Singh, a middle-aged man passed away at the morcha.
3. Video appears showing many army trucks move to morcha from Ludhiana area.
4. Indian media reluctantly admits that significant areas of India observed the nationwide shutdown yesterday.
5. All national unions showed solidarity with farmers and observed the shutdown. Yoginder Yadav said it takes months to organize a national Bandh, the fact that farmers did it in 4 days shows the sympathy the public has with them despite media bias.
6. Yoginder Yadav is arrested to stop him from helping the farmers.
7. Despite threats by authorities that anyone filming Gujerat areas observing the national Bandh will be arrested. Many areas of Gujerat supported the farmers.
8. Farmers’ leaders thank everyone for Bharat Bandh’s success.
9. Modi meets Parkash Badal in a closed meeting, the outcome unknown. Amit Shah meets Haryana Chief Minister Kattar who says he supports the laws.
10. Some people discussing the possibilities of a deal. A quick reminder of our history. Indira Gandhi had 36 meetings with Akalis prior to June 1984. Many times she agreed to Dharam Yudh Morcha’s demands, but still attacked Siri Akal Takht Sahib. This attack had been planned for 18 months that she was having these meetings. Understanding the history of our past teaches us lessons for the future.
11. “Karl Marx or Lenin didn’t bring us here. Guru Nanak did.” Deep Sidhu responding to comrades saying we shouldn’t discuss Sikh dharam on the morcha stages.
12. Farmers force many Godi media journalists to leave the protest site. Many Hindi news channels have started hiring and sending Sikh journalists to cover the protests. ABP had sent a Sikh reporter to cover the protest. Another Godi media news channel is looking for Sikh Journalist.
13. A pregnant Hindu lady living near morcha went into labour. She called an ambulance and police but no one turned up after 2 hours. Her relatives crying on the road. Sikh youth at morcha heard her mother, they took the lady to the hospital. The lady thanked the Sikh youth after the baby was delivered safely.
14. Interesting development: Hindu Mahasabha & Sadhu Samaj has extended their unanimous & unconditional support to the farmers.
15. UK Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi asks questions supporting farmers in Parliament. Response from Boris Johnson shows he is clueless on the issue as he mentions conflict between India and Pakistan. Press mocks Boris Johnson’s ignorance.
16. Hundreds of Sikh farmers do Vaheguru simran Jaap at morcha.
17. Godi Media, pet name for Indian news media paid to show pro-Modi bias attacks the 36 UK MPs who signed a letter in favor of farmers. It attacks their character and claims some on Pakistan payroll.
18. NITI Aayog CEO Amitabh Kant said that India has too much democracy. And that’s why tough reforms are difficult. NITI Aayog is the Indian govt’s top think tank on subjects including artificial intelligence.
19. NDTV Ravish Kumar calls out Indian media asking why when all India shutdown for farmers are they just showing Indian govt viewpoint, not farmers viewpoint.
20. Arnab Goswami’s latest daily rant blames farmers and Muslims for India’s covid.
21. Now that Panchayat elections are over in Rajasthan, the farmers come out to support morcha. The video appears of 100s of tractors driven by farmers from Rajasthan coming to Delhi.
22. 90-year-old Sardar Ganga Singh joins the morcha.
23. WSO sevadaar Jaskaran Singh Sandhu speaks on Canadian TV about Farmer Morcha.
24. Farmers have been detained in the city of Gwalior during a protest over controversial new agriculture laws. Video of police using force against them.
25. The Guardian – Nationwide farmers’ strike shuts down large parts of India
26. Joint Statement by UK Organisations, Gurdwaras, and Human Rights Groups in favour of farmers.
27. Holland Sangat do a rally outside the Indian embassy.
28. Ontario MP Gurratan Singh calls out Premier Ford for his silence on the farmer issue.
29. Sky News & BBC finally cover protests. Ravi speaks on BBC.
30. Yesterday, the leader of the Tamilnadu farmers union addressed farmers in Tamil at Singhu. The majority of farmers couldn’t understand what he said. But farmers listened to him. Whenever he completed any sentence, people gave him a big round of applause.
31. Sikhs in Nankana Sahib show solidarity with farmers.
32. YourSevaorg, UK groups give out daily essentials and Kakkars at morcha. Plus they help of the family of Bhai Dhan Singh who recently passed away at morcha.
33. Khalsa Aid sets up hot water geysers so warm water available for bathing.
34. DGSPC official issues court proceedings against Kangana Ranaut.
35. Canadian university reopens investigation against Hindu student inciting a Sikh student with comments about 1984 when WSO get involved.
36. Internet blogs expose the nexus between Modi, Kangana, Sadhguru, and Ramdev. They all speak from the same talking points. It’s a coordinated effort.
37. Lastly, Western Hemisphere born Sikh youth amused that Indian media refer to them as Khalistanis as if it’s something negative. They are educated, informed, proud, and vocal against the inhumanity displayed by hypocritical Indian media and govt. Indian media claim the farmers cannot speak English but are too scared to debate these youth who speak perfect English.



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