International Saakhi Competition Accepting Submissions Until Oct 31st and Includes Cash Prizes

SAN FRANCISCO, California, USA—A recently launched organization named Search for Sikhi (SoS) has been hosting the first International Saakhi Competition since September 1st. Since September 1st, they have impressively received over 175 submissions from Sangat all around the world and from participants aged 3 years old to 75 years old.

Speaking with Sikh24, sevadars of the organization said that the competition is still open for submissions. “We invite the Sikh Sangat to add their contributions. The competition is open to all, any age, in any language, and has a submission deadline of October 31st,” SoS sevadars said.

The competition is open to all ages. Judgment and cash prizes will be according to five different age groups: under 5, 6-10, 11-15, 16+, and 50+.

Those wanting to take part in the competition are requested to make a video telling one Saakhi – any Saakhi from Guru Sahib’s time to modern history. Judgment is a combination of video likes as well as a formal judgment panel using criteria such as overall delivery, the accuracy of the Saakhi, Gurbani integration, and a reflection on the morals/lessons learned from the saakhi.

More details on the competition are available here:, including rules, instructions, cash prize amounts, and frequently asked questions (in both Punjabi and English).  

Content should be submitted directly to [email protected] in original, unedited form, with your name, age, the preferred title of the video, and where you’re from!

All videos will be uploaded to the Search for Sikhi YouTube Channel.



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