UP villagers launch attack on Sikh youth; Throw his turban in sewerage

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—A painful video has emerged over social media in which a mob of Hindu residents could be seen attacking an innocent Sikh youth while disrespectfully pulling his hairs. The incident occurred in village Sherpur of Uttar Pradesh on June 14.

Sources have informed that two Sikh youths were passing through village Sherpur on June 14 when their car suddenly touched the car of another youth who is learned to be a resident of the same village.

Following this, heated exchange of arguments occurred between the duo sides after which the local village youth called his clan members to dominate over Sikh youths.

At this, one of these Sikh youths took out his Kirpan to defend himself, but the locals called up police cops.

When police cops reached there, another Sikh youth went for verbal talk to settle down the quarrel, but the villagers launched attack on him in the presence of cops. The attackers removed his turban and threw it in nearby open sewerage. They also pulled hairs of Sikh youth during this attack.

After this incident, a wave of outrage spread across the Sikh community living in nearby areas. On June 15, local Sikhs of Gajraula and Dhanaura staged a protest outside the local police station seeking indictment of attackers.

Till date, there is no information about any action against these attackers.

अमरोहा ज़िले के शेरपुर गाँव में एक निहत्थे के साथ 150 लोगों ने बेसलूकी की, उसकी पगड़ी उतारकर नाले में फेंकी और उसे डंडों से पीटा!हम मुख्यमंत्री योगी आदित्यनाथ जी से नफ़रत फैलाने वाले इन लोगों पर कड़ी कार्यवाही की माँग करते हैं।सिख की दस्तार पर हाथ डालना धर्म की आज़ादी के ख़िलाफ़ है

Posted by Manjinder Singh Sirsa on Wednesday, June 17, 2020


  1. Jaspal Singh, You are mistaken. Hindus did take stand against injustice done to Sikhs. There are plenty of stories but even if there isn’t any, I say that I am Hindu and I took the stand. I have Sikh friends and I have told them that yes, injustices need to be handled and wrongs needs to be righted. That is the only way.

    But as far as actually making it happen tell me what could Hindus have done? The year was 1984 and before – govt controlled everything from TV to news papers to police to everything. Only negative one sided Congress sponsored news were allowed. Only what Indira Gandhi wanted was on news. You think only police was controlled by Govt? But even in those days there are plenty of stories when Hindus stood by Sikhs. Now come to year 2019 when we have twitter, facebook, instagram, 100+ news channels, some of which are independent. Govt just passed a law that muslims THOUGHT was unfair to them and whole country came together(And yes, I said THOUGHT because Indian muslims are mistaken. Why should Muslims from pakistan and bangladesh who asked for a country for themselves from India be allowed to come to India? India was for non-muslims + INDIAN Muslims only and that law is for non-muslims ONLY specially when thousands are in India from Afghanistan, Pakistan and Bangladesh living illegally. No one is taking citizenship away from Indian Muslims. Once you cause division you should stand by it if nothing for principle. But in my view that law is still 50% wrong because they could’ve said Muslims from Sri Lanka, Nepal etc are allowed.) Yes many Hindus were Modi supporters and they sided with his Govt but as many Hindus stood by Muslims as Sikhs or Christinas and many like me had no avenues to protest so many silent protestors like myself. So hope you can see the difference and see that Hindus are not some unjust murderous clans to support 1984 type killing. Even with operation Blue star, you had Col. SK Sinha who had guts to question Indira why she is doing that and oppose it so he was sidelined and another Col was brought in and that operation had Hindu, Muslim and Sikh generals on front lines. So why only Hindus are questioned? So there were Hindus who sided with Sikhs even in those Govt controlled times.

    As far as justice, tell me where I as a Hindu can sign so Sikhs get justice for 1984 riots? I will be first to sign it in front of govt. I am not scared but I dont have any options. Show me option and I will stand by you in front row. If you come back with some information, I will pass on my real information to you so we can connect.

    So hope you can see that Hindus have just acted like Humans. There will be some good and bad humans in every community and again, some Hindus have acted good even those Govt controlled times. Imagine in Punjab if all modes of information was communicating that Hindus are going to destroy punjab or they want to kill. How would Sikhs in Punjab react? I already know answer in your heart.

    Enough wrong is done by Govts and I have no doubt in my mind that it was not only Indian govt because 1984 were days of peak of cold war and Russia, UK were all involved, but we have to hold Indira and congress as main culprits because they were the leaders then. What started with good and righteous intention ended up with killing of so many innocent. I hope, while I dont say you forget or stop asking for justice, I do hope we stop this hatred. I specially ask editors of Sikh24.

    [email protected]! Truth is truth.

  2. Yes u r right not every one is bad.. but as a minority people if we will not take this issue with the government than no one is going to help us as they did in 1984.. no police no political party at that time helped us and till now we r fighting for the justice… But….. Did any hindu friends took the stand for the injustice done to us….I m not saying that the people of beaten sikh man are wrong may there must be some reason…but to fight against majority we must approach the head of minority community…. And we did that only we simply told the up government to look into this issue.. coz at ground level no body will help us…..we better know that…

  3. I dont understand this article. Dont get me wrong, personally I dont ever want to be in a figh where so many are beating one person. But to say that Hindus are beating up a Sikh as if there is some religious fight is a an absolute LIE. People fight for millions of reasons. He was not beaten up because he is Sikh like you are trying to make it sound. They must’ve had some problem and they fought. This will continue to happen all over the world doesn’t matter a Hindu, Sikh, Buddhist, Christian or Muslim. People are going to fight. Say this happens in Buddhist neighborhood, does this mean buddhists are beating up Sikhs? Have Sikhs not beat up Sikh man ever? Is that what you are saying? Or Sikhs never beat up a Hindu man? or Muslim? All you are doing is generating hatred.

    One thing I agree with you is justice needs to happen. These mobsters need to be arrested. That kind of rioting behavior is not acceptable.

    Rest of you here who are saying feed more langar. Langer is supposed to be selfless sewa. People who were fed by you will remember and thank you forever. But please dont make it sound like you fed entire country and Langer is supposed to be selfless sewa. By counting your favors like this, dont soil the good karmas of those sewadars.

  4. Pahle Musalman Abb Sikh Bhaiyon Ko Bhi Nai Choda Jaa Raha Hai, Aakhir Kya Karna Chahtay Hai Yeh Log? Bohot Afsos Huwa Mere Bhai Ko Dekh Kar Jo Sewage Say Apna Turban Nikaal Raha Hai, Allah Aapki Hifazat Kare Mere Bhai.😍

  5. Highly condemnable. The culprits should be brought to book and booked under stringent laws. As an Indian and a Punjabi I am very very angry and hurt.

  6. These shit people Gotta be caught who done this to the sikh religion they should be punished they don’t realise sikh are the people who gave them freedom have they forgot that and now they’re trying to be cleverThey should be punished and taught a lesson not to do anything like that ever again

  7. These are cowardly acts. Strongly condemned. The local police has a duty of care, which they should do. If they do not. They are not fit for purpose. They should be transferred/ suspended. Replaced by more responsible police. The individuals involved should be given strong punishment, as a deterrent for others

  8. Sikh and Muslims need to separate their ways from Hindus… they will never be your friends in 100000 years even if you feed the whole hindu community… stand up for your land and basic rights, Pakistan is with you…. lots of love and prayers for the Sikh and Muslim communities in India..

  9. As a Hindu, I strongly condemn such unreasonable acts upon the Sikh community. They are a superb, philanthropic and brave Community. They contribute a lot to India and wherever they reside in the world. Shame on those who attacked them . They should be charged. India will regret it if they persecute Sikhs . They still even seen justice for 1984 killings.

  10. Please organize more pitt siyapa in front of police headquarters. That is the only way Sikhs know to get justice these days. Sad situation. What would Singhs have done in the past? Think about it.

  11. ENOUGH damage has been done to the sikhs in india.
    How can punjab CM stand by and not do anything, he is not fit for purpose.

  12. Sardaro ko aise hi hindu group dauda dauda k peet te hain . Afsos yehi kismat hai ab . Ya to jaan bacha lo ya izzat

  13. This act purely commuenal ,i condemn brutal act committed by persons.police silence is very dangerous.
    Action must be need against culprits.


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