Sikh Granthi Singh Attacked in Modesto at Hatch Road Gurdwara

MODESTO, CA, USA—A hate crime took place late Thursday when an intruder physically assaulted a Sikh Granthi (priest) named Amarjit Singh after entering the building by breaking the windows. The Granthi Singh was physically assaulted as the intruder shouted racial and obscene slurs.

Sikh24 was told that the Amarjit Singh was abused and asked to “go back to your country by the intruder”. The attack took place around 9:30 pm when Singh was resting in his bedroom on the Gurdwara premise located on Hatch Road in Modesto. Amarjit Singh opened the blinds of his window and saw a man wearing a mask, who punched him in the face and fled the spot.

Police are still investigating and the intruder is at large.

Congressman Josh Harder from Modesto released this statement today after a Sikh was attacked in Modesto.

“I stand with my friends in the Sikh community at this terrible time. Every American – regardless of faith – should be able to practice their religion freely and without fear of violence. This disgusting attack is not representative of who we are, and we must find the person responsible.This is part of a larger pattern of hate against minority communities in the Central Valley. An attack on one minority community is an attack on all minority communities – whether it’s Sikh, Latino, Muslim, LGBTQ, Assyrian, or anyone else. The Central Valley is the proud home to people of all faith traditions and we will not tolerate violence, hate, or discrimination of any kind.Anyone who knows who is responsible for this disgusting attack should contact the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department or the Modesto Police Department immediately. We have to bring this criminal to justice and support our brothers and sisters in the Sikh community.”

Congress Harder is asking anyone with information about the attack to contact the Stanislaus County Sheriff’s Department.


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