SFJ announces Rs. 2 Lakh reward for the son of Sikh auto driver who bravely confronted Delhi cops

NEW YORK, USA—The American Sikh outfit ‘Sikhs for Justice’ has announced Rupees 2 Lakh reward for the Sikh youth Balwant Singh i.e. the son of Sikh auto driver who was brutally thrashed by the Delhi police on June 16. Notably, Balwant Singh had bravely confronted the Delhi police cops when they were trying to drag his father while brutally thrashing him. Balwant Singh was also brutally thrashed by the cops after taking him under control.

Gurpatwant Singh Pannu, the legal advisor of Sikhs for Justice, announced this reward while sharing his views over the incident. He has said that expecting punishment to the guilty cops in India is like expecting milk from a bull as the culprits of 1984 Sikh genocide were roaming freely even after 35 years of the carnage.


  1. A Very Good gesture by the SJF for rewarding this brave young boy of barely 15 year’s who has shown a brave face in the most adverse circumstances which sikh youth’s in India have to face every now or then. He tried his best and was brutally beaten by the cops who were heavily armed with guns ,ak 47s and lathis. They did not cared for his minor status and used the bestest force they could use which they don’t even use on dreaded criminals and murderers.


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