Let’s Celebrate Guru Nanak Dev Ji’s 550th Birthday Together, Modi Appeals All Indians

NEW DELHI—Addressing the Indian masses in the 45th episode of his radio program named ‘Mann Ki Baat’ on June 24, the Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi highly praised the lessons taught by first Sikh master Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji. He said that Guru Nanak Dev Ji taught the society to end caste or religion based discrimination and identify the whole human race as one.

Narendra Modi further said that Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji said that helping the poor and needy people is the true ‘sewa’ (volunteer service) of the Almighty Lord. He added that Guru Nanak Dev Ji made every possible effort for initiating social welfare tasks and brought the concept of ‘langar’ (free community kitchen) to end discrimination on the basis of caste or religion.

Appealing all the Indian communities to jointly make efforts for celebrating 550th birth anniversary of Sri Guru Nanak Dev Ji, Modi said that we should chalk out a strategy to make this day an inspiration day at International level. He requested the people to come up with suggestions for grand celebrations of the 550th birthday celebration of Guru Nanak Dev Ji.

It is pertinent to note here that such activities of RSS backed outfits like BJP are always underlined by the active Sikh intellectuals as the RSS has a bad record of making attempts to sledgehammer Sikh history facts under the garb of celebrations. The RSS always keeps in attempt to term Sikhism as a part of Hinduism. 



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