100 Days of Arrest: Activists To Raise Awareness of Jagtar Singh Johal’s Continued Detention

LONDON, UK—The detention of 30-year-old Scottish activist Jagtar Singh Johal continues, without charge, and has reached more than 90 days in custody. He was abducted by the Punjab police on November 4, 2017, without any changes.

As the Punjab Police continually ask for extensions, the Indian judges have granted repeated remands, with Jagtar appearing in court more than 20 times since his abduction.

To this day, Jagtar continues to be shifted back and forth between NIA and judicial custody. Despite the confirmation of torture taking place during the first few days of his incarceration, he has been denied the right to an independent medical examination as well as private meetings with the British High Commission.

Jagtar’s detainment will reach 100 days in mid-February. To help raise awareness, a Twitter event has been organized on Monday 12 February, 2018, with coordinated times in U.K. (8pm), U.S. (3pm EST), and Canada (3pm EST). 

Please share this event with your local sangat at Gurdwara, community, school, friends and family.

For the latest updates, please follow this campaign on all social media:

Twitter: @FreeJaggiNow

Facebook: Free Jaggi Now

Instagram: freejagginow


  1. The corrupt system of India is deaf and blind it takes no notice unless such time as the foreign powers and UNO steps in and most frustrating thing is that the British Government has done Zilich……….. what happens to their own citizen they are totally ignoring…. Hell with all the powers and their Human Rights because nothing is being done no one is listening.


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