#FREEJAGGINOW: Ludhiana Police Takes Jaggi’s Remand in Longstanding Murder Mystery of Christian Priest

LUDHIANA, Punjab—Moments after being taken into the Faridkot jail on November 17, Scottish Sikh youth Jagtar Singh Jaggi’s remand was taken by the Ludhiana police on production warrants in the evening hours.

Jaggi was presented before the area Magistrate Ms. Sumit Sabharwal by the Ludhiana police in relation to an FIR No. 218 / 17 registered in the Police Station Salem Tabri of Ludhiana. Notably, this FIR pertains to murder of Christian priest Sultan Masih on July 15, 2017.

After hearing the claims of police and the defense lawyer Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur, Ms. Sumit Sabharwal sent Jagtar Singh Jaggi to Police remand for two days.

Defense lawyer Advocate Jaspal Singh Manjhpur urged the Court for conducting Jagtar Singh Jaggi’s medical check up on daily basis.  Manjhpur also told the court that the police was hindering him from meeting his client.  He asked the court to grant permission so he could meet with Jaggi during his remand.  The Court accepted both demands of the defense lawyer.  Manjhpur can now meet Jagtar Singh Jaggi during remand in the afternoon hour from 12 pm to 1 pm.

Jagtar Singh Jaggi was sent on judicial remand to Faridkot jail by the Baghapurana’s Sub Divisional Magistrate yesterday following 13 days Police remand.


  1. There you go HS – accusing someone who is not even charged with anything – beaten by the police to get them to admit into something they have not done! You are so wise – it shows how India has not shame in torture and certainly know nothing about Human Rights. Wait and see when the UK Government proves India wrong – The whole world has been alerted and India will have nowhere to hide!!!

  2. India should punish him to full extent , India should not care abt international community .take care of its citizen first . And these kind of terrorist should give examplery punishment . So one will do it in future

    • Your fu..king idiot, you don’t know what’s right and what’s wrong. India has been shamed throughout the world for it’s NAZI policy of TORTURE.

      How many India citizens have been picked up, gave false statements due to being tortured and been jailed or killed.

  3. To defame sikhs the government is using mean techniques, police is nothing but greedy & mad dogs with the blood taste of innocent sikhs from 1984.

  4. Panjab police knows who are the killers, sikhs don’t have any problem with Christians. Only RSS & other Hindutva parties have a history of attacking minorities. Just to divert the attention of public from RSS they played this game.
    The other motive is to defame sikhs in other countries, the Indian government frustrated with the “chardi kla ” of sikhs in Canada, UK, USA, & other countries.

    • Well it’s backfire on them, they have TORTURED a guest who was viisting India. Britian is fuming with angry and want answers.
      That fat face Captain Amarinder Singh has a lot of question to answer for his burtal police force under his command.

  5. Disgusting kuti Punjab police – dogs you will go to hell! Free him now or as a mother I pray to the all mighty Waheguru that you police officers will pay for this in ten fold! The two comments above I commend you! The police are so desperate that they will take anyone! First of all was Jaggi in Punjab at the time? What is UK Government doing for their citizen Zilch!!! is anyone awake to have this young man free and in the very least brought back tot he UK to be interrogated by the police here ! he is not Indian – he is a British Sikh! My heart goes to his family and I am praying for Jaggi to return to his family. Waheguru will do kirpa and the the butchers will be punished! I was to travel to India with my family family boys but that is now cancelled India we hate you!!!!!!!!

  6. Well said.It is high time the minorities living in Diaspora should stop sending money to India or visiting India . May be that will wake up the authorities.

  7. Punjab Police are desperate they can’t find the real killers, so they go for a easy foreign target.
    Well now the whole world knows what they are like. Corrupt, act like terrorist and TORTURE THEIR INMATES to get their answers, which are unreliable.
    Well i suggest that independent country or the UN investigate Punjab police for their torture policy as this is against human rights which i believe India has signed up to U.N
    Also No Sikh would kill a Christian priest.

    Just Remember this few years ago when Narendra Modi gave MR Cameron a fake dossier concerning Sikh whilst he visited U.K, that SIKH temples were running terrorist outfits. EVERYONE LAUGHED AT HIM HE MADE A FOOL OF HIMSELF AND INDIA.


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