Sikh Soldiers of Saraghari Will Be Bollywoodized

Mumbai, INDIA—Bollywood is to take advantage of the true story of the great Sikh soldiers who were the heroes of the great stand-off at Saragarhi in 1897.

Names such as Priyanka Chopra and Akshay Kumar have been tabled as having expressed agreement in portraying elements of the story.The movie, due to begin filming in January of 2018, reportedly revolves around the platoon’s leader, Havildar (Sergeant) Ishar Singh. Singh was the military commander for the 21 Sikh soldiers, who led his men during their deadly battle against thousands of Afghani invaders.

India is known for trying attempting to portray Sikhs as either angry goons, or as class-clowns, or misfit jokers, not-unlike the British, who went through a phase of making similar  jokes of the Irish to portray them as foolish simpletons. Bollywood has a track record of mixing such Sikh characters into their story-lines with exaggerated negative overtones. 

The heroes of the battle of Saraghari, like countless others in Sikh history, drew their source of bravery, loyalty and comradery from  their conviction in the values gained from the spiritual path of Sikhism. If Bollywood depicts these Sikhs in a similar manner to those commonly repeated up to now, in the Indian film scene, they won’t be forgiven by historians and the Sikh population across the globe.

There are apparently two separate film makers taking on the same historical event, who will produce and re-tell the events separately.



  1. Want to bet that the movie will try to take the credit, honour, bravery, and respect of the Sikhs and try give it to some thothi ram ram named ramu or shamu.


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