Sikh Raj Movie Releases Tomorrow – The Black Prince

Canada, USA, India, Australia, New Zealand Will See The General Release For The Acclaimed The Black Prince Movie

WORLDWIDE—The general release for the tragic and emotional true story of the last Sikh monarch, Duleep Singh, son of Maharaja Ranjit Singh, releases tomorrow, titled The Black Prince.

The movie, written and directed by Kavi Raz, sees Duleep Singh reuniting with his mother, Rani Jind Kaur, and seeing his internal flame of Sikhi reigniting. His struggle to rejoin the Sikh empire, the trials and tribulations faced in Britain and includes the story of the stolen Sikh diamond, the Koh-i-noor, now installed in the current Queen’s crown.

The tale of Duleep Singh is a personal one to Sikhs across the globe, as a stark reminder of colonial perversion in the Punjab, institutions, historical record, in the last days of the Sikh raj.

The Black Prince (2017) - Movie Trailer
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Singer Satinder Sirtaaj plays the title role, supported by various Hollywood A-listers such as Jason Flemyng (The League of Extraordinary Gentlemen, Lock, Stock & Two Smoking Barrels) and has stirred up much conversation among historians and media the world over as the saga of the Sikh Raj and subsequent British Raj is re-explored through Sikh eyes.



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