Official Files Released Today Suggest British Army Had Direct Involvement In 1984 Sikh Genocide

LONDON, UK—Today more than 2,000 Foreign and Commonwealth Office (FCO) and Cabinet Office records have been released to the National Archives.
The release of FCO files today from 1985 reveals the Chief of Army Staff of the Indian Army, General Vaidya who planned Operation
Blue Star in June 1984 received a confidential briefing from the British Army earlier in 1984 about counter-insurgency equipment to crush domestic unrest in Punjab, the Sikh homeland.
This latest revelation casts serious doubt on the internal review commissioned by the then Prime Minister, David Cameron in January 2014 from the top civil servant, Sir Jeremy Heywood.
The hurriedly announced internal review completed in record time came following an inadvertent disclosure under the 30-year rule of SAS involvement in the deadly Indian army assault on Sri Harmandir Sahib (popularly referred to as the Golden Temple Complex) in June 1984.
Leading Sikh organisations, like the Sikh Federation (UK), have consistently described the Heywood review as a cover up and the latest
information will increase calls for an independent public inquiry.  Politicians are increasingly supporting this campaign with the Labour Party calling for
“an independent inquiry into Britain’s military role in the 1984 raid on the Golden Temple in Amritsar” in its General Election manifesto.  The release of files today to coincide with Parliament going into recess will not have been lost on politicians.
Phil Miller the researcher working with the Sikh Federation (UK) who also made the original find in January 2014 has disclosed the
UK Government is hiding almost a third of historic files that could shed light on SAS involvement in an Indian para-military crackdown on Sikhs in their homeland.
Bhai Amrik Singh, the Chair of the Sikh Federation (UK) said:
“It now emerges General Vaidya who led the Indian army operation in 1984 received confidential briefing on counter-insurgency the same year.  Sadly this suggests there was direct British Army involvement in assisting in the 1984 Sikh Genocide when tens of thousands of innocent Sikhs were killed and disappeared throughout the Sikh homeland.”    
“With a third of files being kept secret the Foreign Office is doing its best to hide the truth, but the picture that is gradually emerging suggests it is only a matter of time before Ministers are forced to agree to an independent
judge-led public inquiry.”
“It is clear to us the Heywood review was woefully inadequate.  We believe a majority of MPs in Parliament are
on our side with the Labour Party and Scottish National Party now on record and a sufficient number of Conservative MPs having previously told us they support our campaign.”
“The public deserve to know the truth of UK involvement in the 1980s in the 1984 Sikh Genocide and all forms of assistance provided to the Indian authorities to try and eliminate Sikh calls for freedom and justice.” 
Preet Kaur Gill, the first female Sikh MP and chair of the All Party Parliamentary Group for British Sikhs, said:
“Clearly this would suggest that the Heywood review was a whitewash – he had access to these files but failed to mention that Britain briefed India’s top brass on counter-insurgency.”
“The government’s refusal to release so many records from 1985, including another file about India’s National Security Guard, is a huge cover-up. It will cause a backlash from Britain’s Sikh community who need to know if the SAS trained this unit.”
Tanmanjeet Singh Dhesi, the first turban wearing Sikh MP, said:
“It is absolutely ridiculous that our government is still trying to cover up what happened three decades ago. We should have full disclosure so the public can make up their own minds about what happened. The new revelations highlight what many of us have said about the Heywood Review for years – the Tory government is brushing
things under the carpet. Justice needs to be delivered for those countless individuals who have suffered such great loss.”
Preet Kaur Gill added that her cross-party group for British Sikhs would also “strongly consider this latest development”.


  1. The Rise and Fall of our Kingdom

    1780:- We are the King makers and have our first Kingdom of “RANJIT SINGH”

    2017 : We are now in that 250 years old Kingdom as

    a) Drug Lords
    b) Debtors with Suicides
    c) Undergoing Genocides ,Blue stars ,Rapes ,arson and Pillage.

    Time we take CONTROL over our DESTINY and make a BRIGHT FUTURE for our selves and our Children.

  2. The Dismantling of Sikh Kingdom of RANJIT SINGH by the EMPIRE and its Friends like the Congress.

    1) 1848 : Anglo- Sikh war and Kingdom is annexed
    2) 1919 :- Jallianwala Bagh incidence
    3) 1947:- The kingdom is split between two new Nations of India and Pakistan by the Empire.
    4) 1966 : Trifurcation of Punjab by Congress
    5) 1982 : SYL canal launched by Congress
    6) 1984:- Genocide -84 and Blue star heaped by Congress.


  3. Let 1984 be part of our HISTORY and not all our History .

    We need to always remember that

    1) We are not designed to be Nation Builders on Planet EARTH.

    2) This Planet Earth with Punjab and India on it is going to burn up in 4
    billion years.

    3) We are all essentially

    SPACE -TIME TRAVELERS to distant Planets ,Galaxies and Parallel

  4. Jarnail Singh Bhinderenwale is the creation of Congress Regime an party whose mandate is to administer India on the behalf of EMPIRE.

    You can convert any man into an Jarnail Singh or Hitler like if you can make him feel that he is very powerful.

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    No one man is capable of ruling the World or Planet Earth or even the Universe.
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    • How dare you put Jarnail Singh with hitler and osama.
      Indira gundhi was more like hitler and rss/shiv senas are more like osama.

      Keep your propaganda to yourself.

      • Any one can be made into an Jarnail Singh .
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        The world is ruled by the Constitution .Law and Democracy and not individuals.
        Indira Gandhi was the Face of the EMPIRE by which it still RULES India through the GANDHI FAMILY of CONGRESS.

  5. The Games of Thrones are full of lies and Deciets.
    They have an simple answer .

    Ask no questions and you will be told no ies.

    The greed of Throne made the Congress regime of 84 and the Empiree to conspire.

  6. We deserve to know the truth!

    It seems to be that the Indian government did indeed have assistance from the British government at the time.

    The briefing disclosed by the FCO outlines that counter insurgency training was given to the Indian army.

    Just be truthful that’s all us Sikhs ask!

  7. The British people deserve closure on this matter. What lies in the Government files that so threatens the integrity of both the mother of all parliaments and the so-called world’s largest democracy, even after 33 years?

  8. EMPIRES Never go away.
    India is still part of Realm of British Empire by COMMONWEALTH.
    After 1848 when the British Empire Dismantled the Kingdom of Ranjit Singh .
    They made in 1947 two new countries out of it India and Pakistan run by an Book called Constitution and protected by an Client Army .
    India’s administration was handed over to the Congress party and Pakistan to Military Dictators
    So any REBELLION in INDIA is as good as REBELLION in BRITIAN .
    We all Know how EMPIRE deals with REBELS or if you REBELED in LONDON what would happen.

    1) Individuals : Killed by Drones or Vaporized as Jarnail Singh , Bhagat Singh , Osama Bin Laden ,
    2) Groups :– Controlled Genocide as our 1984 Genocide or in Syria.
    3) Nations : – Dismantled such as Ranjit Singh Kingdom ,Iraq etc etc
    The BIG BROTHER is tracking all of us.
    Be careful of EMPIRE.


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