A Busy Day For The Angels Of Death As KPS Gill Passes Away

KPS Gill passed away earlier today

CHANDIGARH, Punjab—Today marks the end of a painful era for Sikhs across the world as a draconian architect of inhumane torture, former director general of the Punjab police, KPS Gill, breathed his last today.

The man dubbed as “Supercop” by the Indian media for being a ruthless murderer of the innocent family members of active Sikh freedom fighters dies due to natural causes earlier this Friday.

The decade following the Indian states attack on the religious center of the Sikhs, Harmandar Sahib (the Golden Temple), in Amritsar in 1984, was a turbulent one in Punjab as innocent Sikhs took to arms against the state for meting countless brutal injustices against it’s own people. To help stem this movement, figureheads such as Gill were unshackled to unleash havoc on Punjab’s people – which they did.

The death of Gill will be celebrated gleefully across the world, with sound knowledge that the mechanisms of the afterlife will not be anywhere near as absent minded and complicit as the Indian state.

India will celebrate the passing of this man as a hero instead of the heartless butcher that he was at the helm of Punjab’s state terrorism on it’s own people.



  1. @Harish: If you have these thoughts these then what you are doing in this news blog if you really don’t care. Forget about other states. First save your own home state. Punjab youth is fully on drugs. Punjab water is almost gone and you are still thinking about Haryana. FYI, there are Sikhs living in Haryana but they are too least worrying about Punjab water crises. Whats wrong being little selfish. If they are not considering our situation then why we have to.

    We respect that your loyalty is first for India and Hindus then why its so painful for you when we are saying that we are Sikhs first then Citizen of this country. Our first loyalty is for our religion. We want to live in dignity. Our religion is not special but yes, it is Unique like others. We have our own unique way to seek Guru and everyone from all four directions is welcome.
    Can you please tell us how many we criticised and attacked on Sanatana dharam. We just want to be connected to our roots, why this is so difficult for you to accept. We not planning conspiracies.
    Instead of commenting here and hurting each other, we can meet and have an open peaceful talk where we can respectfully speak to each other and listen to each other.

    Naa ko bairi, nahi begana , sagal sang ham ko ban aai – ggs


  2. I know you are a giyani , bursh , pretending to be ram Krishan Sharma . And I believe no Sikh save Hindus . Sikh is not a religion . It was army of Hindus . It is abducted by khalistanis . Guru honing singh died in 1708 . Mughal empire did not finish in 1708 . Shivaji and Maha Rana pratap was fighting too . He never say he is a Sikh . He was born and died Hindu . So no ehsan on me .because your history is all modified according to your convinence

  3. Every person is special, who fights for human rights, he may be Sikh, Muslim, Christian, or even a Hindu.

  4. Yes indeed he swore to constitution of India, Which does not recognises Sikhs that’s s y he Killed innocent Sikhs. Even Ram & Krishna will be ashamed of what he did.

  5. Sikhs never fought for Khalistan, from 1984-92 they foght against injustices by the state, when the Khalsa will think & fight for Khalistan then the map of India will be different. From 1984 state killed innocent Sikh men, women & children in the name of Khalistan, just to justify their killings to Indians & the world. The state did everything just for their concept of nationalism.

  6. Mr Khalra human rights activist prepared a list of 25000 sikhs who were killed & even their dead bodies were not given to their parents or relatives & this butcher killed Mr Khalra & told Mr Khalra now the number will be 25001 & his love ones never found his body. There are people who praise this animal, only the animal worshipers can praise such butcher.

  7. He worked like robot or killing machine without a heart or brain, with a button in the hands of Indian government, just kill Sikhs, they may be innocents, women or children.

  8. Worse than a butcher or an animal, earth is feeling, some pressure due to this sinner got removed. There are some stupid people on this earth who praise such animals. The stupidity & greed is & will be big destroyer of human life. His lust for money & blood made him an inhumane.

  9. Wait a minute , I will not participate in anything that create trouble for Union of India and Hindus of Haryana , j&k and himachal . They are our responsibility too . Want to see India grow

  10. I don’t hate but I hate any one who is against India and hindus. Infact I have lot of Sikh friends . But respect is mutual , not onesided

    • Om Shanti yes indeed. Thanks to Sikhs who saved our abducted Girls during abdali & Mughal rules due to them we r here. I think Harish u should be sensible towards feelings of Sikhs. He was a Butcher we all know that. Had it been not for Sikh warriors we would have been Muslims now. Our abducted slaved Girls would have given birth to Muslims.

  11. A scant disregard he had for human life. Okay, Sikhs can be enemies of the state Mr. Sharma, But he kicked a protestor to Death for which he had to face Court Action in Assam. Source:

    He was a cruel-cruel man, Due to him and his policies 1000s of innocent Sikh young men (and Bazurgs, Women too) got murdered.

    Though if you are a Hindu Punjabi and can only think about Punjabi Hindus, I can understand that for you he was a hero.

  12. An evil and sadistic murderous rapist is dead. I salute him with my middle finger! He was a sick, twisted, disgusting filthy animal who took immense pleasure from inhumane torture inflicted upon innocent full complete families including babies and grandparents and everyone in between.

  13. He swore to defend the Constitution of India and he lived by that Oath.

    That is all to his story.

    We need to be careful from people who swear by Constitution as the Book is capable of doing lot of damage to those who disobey it.

      • It is an advise.
        The book has lined up behind it the Nation and Empires forces.
        Constitution and Nations are product of Empires to facilitate their control over planet Earth.


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