WATCH – Pin Art Of Guru Gobind Singh Ji

Beautiful pin art created of an artist’s impression of Guru Gobind Singh


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  1. The lure of money and personal gratification overpowers common sense. Sikhs do not idolize photos and statues, only the Living Guru which is Siri Guru Granth Sahib. Unfortunately it is too common for Sikhs to have false images of the Gurus in their homes at the Gurudawaras, totally against Sikhism. Most of these images come from the artist’s own mind, no way factual. Shoba Singh is the biggest culprit. painting his own face as that of the Guru’s. Astonishing that Sikhs have sat idly by, even promoted this blasphemy by purchasing these false idols, making the artist into millionaires.

  2. Sikh Guru did not allow any painting or artwork be made of them. Here Sikh doing artwork of Sikh Gurus. Now you understand why Sardarji jokes being done.

        • Says the Hindu extremist who ignorantly claims Shiva wields the ‘khanda’ sword. Doesn’t even know the difference between ‘khanda’ (Sikh military emblem featuring two kirpans and chakkar) and ‘kirpan’ and that Shiva does not even bear a sword at all but rather a trishul!

          • Sikh military emblem is derived from Hindu weaponry. You know nothing about Shiva, even your own Gurus you do not know. You are Western Khalistani terrorist, not Indian.


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