SGPC Says They Will Challenge Sajjan Kumar’s Bail In Court

AMRITSAR SAHIB, Punjab—The SGPC has announced that it will challenge the anticipatory bail granted to key culprit of Sikh genocide, Sajjan Kumar in a case pertaining to murder of two Sikhs namely Sohan Singh and Avtar Singh. Of note, Sajjan Kumar was given anticipatory bail by the District Court of Dwarka (New Delhi) on December 21.

Speaking to Sikh24, SGPC President Prof. Kirpal Singh Badungar said that the SGPC was all set to challenge the anticipatory bail given to Sajjan Kumar.

The SGPC President had included the demand of strict action against conspirators of statewide sacrilege incidents and perpetrators of 1984 Sikh genocide in his 16 point resolution.




  1. To avoid a genocide-4 we need may do following things
    Be wary of

    1) Fanatics
    2) Hyper nationalists
    3) Imperialists.

    B) Have an exit or escape policy where ever you are.
    C) Have a law based society with a good police to back it.

    • A) Fanatics, hyper nationalists and imperialists are different words for Hinduvta taliban like Shiv Sena, RSS et al who want to drag India back to dark ages one religion hegemony.
      B) Sikhs cannot abandon their ancestral homeland and heartland even under threat anymore than the Jews could forsake the soil of Israel even after the Romans tore down their temple. Look at the Jews now after centuries of violence, abuse and genocide, they are the strongest people in the world because they kept faith with their religious convictions and identity.
      C) The law in India has often been formulated to discriminate and persecute Sikhs with the police intimidating, arresting, disappearing, torturing and murdering Sikhs with impugnity.

  2. Mr. Badungar, do something, we have Badals for false statements. Every sikh should be Amritdhari & shashtardhari, follow the Guru’s teachings, shaitan will stop barking “genocide”.

  3. Take care of the victims of genocide 3 so that genocide 4 should never happen. To avoid genocide 4 we need freedom and real democracy and not the one you are defending all the time.

  4. The Failure to get get Justice for the victims of Genocides speaks volumes about our status on this planet earth.
    We need to take effective and practical measures to avoid a Genocide -4 .

    • The failure to get justice does not speak volumes about the status of Sikhs on this planet but of those who defend crimes against humanity – the Indian polity, media, judiciary, police and people like you who wish God to bless men like Sajjan Kumar and delighted that he walks free on bail even though you suspect he has blood on his hands.

  5. Justice Indian style. SGPC has done nothing in past 32 years to help the victims. Either take some concrete actions or stop playing with the sentiments of the victims by issuing these statements which mean nothing.

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